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Re: Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

It has been with great interest that I have reviewed many of the posts relating to the best way to connect a wireless router to the 2wire 3800hgv-b gateway. My question is as simple as I am: inside the HTML interface with the gateway, there is a listing called "Broadband." Under that there is a selection called "Link Configuration." On that page there is an offer to "add an additional network." It appears that one can enter the router address and subnet mask, check the "auto firewall open" box and be done. 


Is this a software update to simplify the process added after all of the detailed instructions were written on how to accomplish adding a wireless router, or am I missing something very important?


I would appreciate any assistance because my goal is to connect my ATT Uverse internet connection to my new TV with built in wireless and stream Netflix, Amazon streaming, etc. The built in "g" router is not getting the job done even though I have a 12 MbPS connection. I am trying out the Vizio XWR100 dual band HD "N" router to see if it will provide a more consistent service.  Thanks

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Re: Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

You need to switch to the U-Verse 18/1.5 mbps internet package.  Then all you need to do is connect your wireless tv to your U-Verse RG.  Better yet, plug an ethernet cable from your new tv to the associated DVR/STB for a wired connection.  That's how I have my Roku connected for viewing HD Netflix.

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Re: Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

...but to try and answer your first question, I am not familiar with the internal programming of the RG you are asking about.  However, it is a very very simple process to add a router behind the RG as an access point.  I added my CradlePoint N router and use it for all my wireless connections.  First, log onto your router and turn off DHCP on your router.  Then, change the static IP address of your router to  Next, plug your router into the RG using LAN jacks on both ends (not WAN).  Finally, log onto your RG and turn off the wireless signal from the RG.  Now, you can log all of your wireless devices onto your N router using whatever SSID and encryption, and password you have set up.  This will give you access to your RG and the internet as well as any wired devices you have connected to your RG.

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Re: Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

Thank you for your prompt and pithy reply!

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Re: Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

Thanks so much for this information.  I had one of the silver RGs and had TV issues which required that the RG be replaced.  The new RG is as 3801HGV-FLX. I need the router behind router setup because the signal strength on the new RG is just awful.  I have be within 5 feet of the RG to get full signal strenght on either of my two laptops or my Acer Iconica tablet.  I generally get 3 out of 5 bars in the location where I normally use the laptops (about 25 feet from the RG router through 1 inside wall and 1 out of 4 bars at the same distance on my tablet). 


I was hoping that by getting a router by router setup, I would regain my signal strength.


I was able to turn off the DHCP on the new TRENDnet TEW-652BRP wireless N router (I know, I'm cheap), but it froze up when I changed the static IP address from to as you recommended.  I had to reset the router to get it to respond.  After just turning off the DHCP, and connecting it as noted in your post, I was able to connect from my laptops and PCs and noted a somewhat improved signal - at least for the laptops.  The tablet still didn't have a very good signal and it's actually the more important device since I can use it to stream HD video to my HD TV (has a micro HDMI connection).


After getting it all connected, the only problem I had was that I couldn't figure out how to secure the router.  It would connect, etc but never asked for a password and I couldn't secure the network.  It was unsecure and wide open.  Any suggestions?  Other than this, the setup appears to do as I want (for the most part).  I'm getting much better signal strength, but Idon't want my network unsecure. 


I even got a technicial to come to my house and replace the first new RG and he couldn't figure out what the problem was, but he checked the RG signal strength and said that there was severe drop off when got about 10 feet from the RG and suggested I try the router behind router arrangement.  The tech suggested that I move the RG, but that would be a nightmare since it's located where 8 Ethernet cables and 7 coax cables (all on home runs) and my main outside lines come into my 60 year old house (did that rewiring several years ago).


I live is a single story 1700 ft ranch and just don't get it.  I've also checked out the signal strenght from my laptop using inSSIDer software and it shows my RG with about -65db signal strength.  I've got to believe I'm not the only person having this issue and I really wish the 2WIRE RG could have an external antenna on it.


Again any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Re: Installing Wireless N router behind 2wire 3800HGV-B

I know this post is 2 years too late : ) but I found it to be quit funny that the responses and NOTHING to do with the original question. (Which you would want the DHCP on and simply put in the wireless router you want to uses IP address, Sub Mask ...etc) But hey more components the better, Right?

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