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IP Address

Does anyone know if the IP address / subnet for the 3600HGV can be set to: /




I have seen some posts that suggest the first 64 address are reserved (for what I do not know), and that the typical address the RG is set to is with subnet


I am converting from cable and have many IP devices that are configured with static IP addresses above with the gateway set to and do not want to have to change them all if that can be avoided by setting the router.


My install is Monday.  I would like to know this so I will not be at the mercy of a lazy ATT tech who does not want to make these changes and just tells me it is not possible.


Also, can the 3600 be configured to be accessible from the WAN side of the device?  If not, I suppose I could always get to it from the LAN side via a PC that I have running LogMeIn.com


I have only Internet and 2 phone lines ordered.  Will be keeping my DirecTV.............









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Re: IP Address

Yes, you can set the LAN IP range like this, and alter the DHCP range as well.

The RG cannot be accessed from the WAN side of the device. You will need to remote to a PC on your LAN using LogMeIn and then bring up the RG's interface from there.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: IP Address

My install on this past Monday went well, but the AT&T tech knew less than nothing about networking.  A real red and green man guy!


I asked him if he could set the router in the 3801 to and he said he did not advise that because it might screw up the router and that ATT does not give them any training other than connecting the DSL line to the router.  He mentioned this several times during the course of the installation.


When we went to my PC, which is connected by Ethernet to my Ethernet switch, we could not access the 3801.  The ATT tech said he knew everything was right because he could access the Internet on his lap-top using the wireless capability of the 3801.


Turns out he connected one of the Ethernet ports on the 3801 to my old cable modem!!!!!  Instead of taking the Ethernet cable from my Ethernet switch that connected it to the cable modem, and moving it over to the 3801, he connected the 3801 to the cable modem!


I got that sorted out, and I was finally able to connect to the 3801 and had no problems setting the IP address for the 3801 to  It is working perfectly and nothing got "screwed up".


Also, LogMeIn works fine to access my network remotely.

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Re: IP Address

Glad you got things working. Smiley Happy

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Re: IP Address

I have my gateway set to I believe I have set the DHCP address range to through I did this for exactly the same reason you need to. I say “I believe” because that is the way I had my old router set up. I now have the gateway behind a peplink router so I cannot log in to check without setting up a computer on the gateway.

When ATT installed this years ago, the installer did not know anything except how to plug in the DSL phone line. He said he was an old voice guy who knew nothing about IP. Or, perhaps he knew all about IP but did not want to waste any time with me.

This was several years ago. Perhaps they now have installers who know something about IP.

Assuming your installer is like mine, just let the installer do his thing, and after he leaves you can log in and make any changes you want. In my case, as I remember, after he installed the gateway, he connected a PC to it and ran a speed test and said everything was OK, and that was about it. (I only had Uverse installed, have Dish for TV.)

I use phone power . com for my voice. about 150 a year including fees, and very cheap international. You get two phone lines (but both lines have the same incoming number). But you can have separate outgoing calls at the same time…i can be on one line and my wife can be on another line. The ATT voice mail, at least a few years ago, was frustrating to get it set up the way I wanted it to work — completely separate voice mail boxes for each line (me and my wife). As I recall I had to call ATT and it took quite some time to get them to make it work as a separate system for each line. Originally, messages left for me could be retrieved by my wife, and vice versa. Now, I do not have a girl friend or anything like that, but I wanted my messaging separate from hers and I did not want to have to deal with her messages either.

As well the phone power voice mail is really good….it emails you the messages, and can be set to either keep or not keep the voice message on the vm server. I have it delete as once it is emailed to me i do not want it cluttering up the vm box on the server.

The 3600 gateway has one ethernet port of its four ports that can be set up as a dmz port. If you do this, it will pass on the public ip address to whatever is connected to that device, and act more like a cable or dsl modem than a router (for that device only). This was necessary to do to make the phone power voip box work properly. It could also be used to pass the public ip address on to a router located downstream from the gateway.

In my case, I have both comcast and Uverse going into a dual wan peplink balance 20 router, because I need redundancy.

Hope the above helps you. Let me know how it goes.
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