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I want to remove my sons ps3 device from our home network


I want to remove my sons ps3 device from our home network

My son hooked up his ps3 to our home network without our approval and has been talking to people we do not approve of or want him talking to so we want to disconnect the internet from the ps3. We figured out how to change the password to our wifi but inable to figure out  how to remove a device from the home network.

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Re: I want to remove my sons ps3 device from our home network

If you have changed the password for the WiFi on the RG, and the PS3 is connected wirelessly, it will no longer be able to make the connection (until the new password is put in it).  Reboot the PS3 to be sure it's disconnected and you should be set.


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Re: I want to remove my sons ps3 device from our home network

I do not understand this. If your kid has a PS3, and plays online games, it is really odd that you want to control him from connecting it to the connection.

Besides WiFi, it also has a Ethernet connection, and if he hooks it up through that, there is no way from stopping him from getting online.

As for him talking to people online you do not like, think back of how your parents were, when you talked to people they did not like. The best thing to do, is not to turn into your parents, but by sitting down and talking to the kid and setting some ground rules.

I do not mind my son having a PS3, but when he does not get stuff done, I go in and get him off of it, to do his chores. I also go in and sit and watch him play games against people, and never have had any issues. Now of course, he has had problems with certain individuals, but he is a bright kid, and has dealt with the problem through Sony, and the problem is usually dealt with very quickly.
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