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How to wire my 3801 RG from NID to also carry a phone line for DVR caller id option


How to wire my 3801 RG from NID to also carry a phone line for DVR caller id option

I need to move my 3801 RG from garage to family room for better signal strength.  My thought is to move it next to my DVR so I can also hook up a phone line to my DVR for caller id service for the TV.  Currently, my DVR is not near a phone jack.  This is not a necessity, but since I have to run 50' of cat5e (any benefit to cat6 ?) I thought I would ask for install info re the additional phone line.  It would be easy to dupicate my current set-up; grn, wht/green to DSL port and blue,wht/blue to phone lines 1&2 RJ-11 jack on the RG.  My question is, how do I add the additional required 2 phone wires that go to my jack on the DVR.  My DVR jack is an RJ-11 but only utilizes 2 wires.  Can I just splice into the blue,wht/blue that come from my RG or do I need to run 2 dedicated phone wires from my NID to my DVR and if so how do I do it?  In case it matters, everything currently is wireless to my computers and DVR (which is Direct TV).  If I can splice into my blue,wht/blue what is the best way to splice.

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Re: How to wire my 3801 RG from NID to also carry a phone line for DVR caller id option

I answered my own question.  Easy to move the RG(router) using the same set-up as the installer did.  DSL in from the NID using 2 wires (grn-grn/wht) to the DSL port on the router.  The phone jack on the RG backfeeds the phone lines back to the house phone distribution box to supply phone service to the house.  I simply added a standard 2-way telephone splitter which can be purchased at any hardware or electronics store to the phone jack on the RG.  That enables 2 phone lines coming out of the RG.  One as before, to the phone distribution box and the second to my DVR player.  All you have to get in the way of tools is a phone jack crimper (I bought mine at Home Depot for $18), enough Cat5e (again HD for 19 cents/ft) to make  the run, phone jacks in my case RJ-11 and a few waterproof small gauge splicers to connect the phone line for the house.  Just remember you have to put the 2 wires in the center positions of the RJ-11.  Note you only need RJ-11 jacks with 4 wire capacity not six, because you are only using 2 wires for each.  In summary; 8 wire Cat5e using only 4 of the available wires. two of the twisted wires to one RJ-11 and two to another RJ-11 which plug in to your RG at the DSL jack and Phone jack.  hope this helps someone in my similar situation.

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Re: How to wire my 3801 RG from NID to also carry a phone line for DVR caller id option

Thank you for sharing kkroger!



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