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Re: How to turn off gateway


How to turn off gateway

Pace 5268AC installed yesterday.  Have some simple questions about powering up and down:

  • With my previous DSL modem, I would simply unplug its power when I would be away for a long time, or when I wanted to restart it to resolve some problem.
  • The new gateway has a Reset button.  Is this what I use when I want to reboot?  How long do I hold it down?  This won't reset me to factory settings, will it?
  • Is simply unplugging it to be avoided?
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‎03-10-2017 4:17 PM

Re: How to turn off gateway

Basicly the only time you will need the reset button is when you are having issues with your service. If you hold ithe reset button for 10 seconds or longer it WILL reset to factory settings. For a simple reboot, just press and release.  Otherwise you can leave the gateway up and running 24/7.

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