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How to connect cat5 cable to phone jack


How to connect cat5 cable to phone jack

The ATT technician told me that I should run cat5 cable from my phone jack/box outside the house, to the uverse modem. I believe cat 5 has 8 wires (RJ-11) and the phone jack has four wires (RJ-45).


 Currently waiting for the self install kit.


Any help appreciated


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Re: How to connect cat5 cable to phone jack

Make it a homerun to a dedicated jack. You will only use 1 pair (green---more twist per foot) At the NID connect it to the EBN. Green to RING--R--, green/white to TIP--T--.  At the dedicated jack, connect the green/greenwhite  to the red and green on the wallplate. GREEN(CAT5) TO RED on plate-----GREEN/WHITE(CAT5) TO GREEN on plate.  There is your jack for the modem. Dont connect the other phone lines to the EBN at the NID as it will create bridge taps. If you have a POTS line a tech will need to come out and put a splitter filter in the NID to split the line, because if the phone rings it will drop your VDSL signal temporarily.

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