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How can I use a wireless printer with plug link connection.


How can I use a wireless printer with plug link connection.

When U-verse was installed in my home, the wi-fi would only work on the ground floor where my RG is located.  To establish connection on the second floor, the tech used a plug link adapter. My computer is plugged into the plug link and it works fine this way, but I have been unable to use my wireless printer ever since.  Can anyone tell me how to establish a wireless connection to my printer with this setup?  Is it possible?


Also, the tech told me never to unplug my computer from the plug link.  He made it sound like I'd never again establish connection if I did.  Is that true?  Would the world come to an end if I unplugged it and then plugged it back in?  Could I connect the plug link to a router instead of my computer and then use the router connection to communicated between my computer and printer wirelessly?



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Re: How can I use a wireless printer with plug link connection.

Does your printer have an Ethernet port? If so, then you cannot connect your printer wireless to the pluglink.


If it does have an Ethernet port, you can buy a switch and plug it into the plug link adapter then connect your computer and printer to it.


All the plug link is, is a connection over your powerlines throughout your home with one at your gateway and one at the other end, so it's fine to disconnect a computer from it.


Here's what I suggest you do if you want to bump up your connectivity in that room.


First, I suggest you buy these powerline adapters to replace the two that are currently in your home. The ones you have now are kind of old in terms of technology.


Second, I suggest you buy this and hook it up to the powerline adapter end that you're computer is at. Then, you connect any wired devices or wireless devices(such as your printer) to this cheap router.


I then suggest that you turn off your gateway's wireless(if it's not in use) and set your new router to either channel 1,6, and 11 and make sure that the channel width is set to 20 MHz.


You then want to make sure your router is set to "access point" with DHCP turned off to lessen the hassle of the setup. You can also keep it in router mode and just follow the instructions on how to setup a router with the gateway on these forums.

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