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Giganet lan possible?


Giganet lan possible?

Hi all,


I have the:

ManufacturerPace Plc


I'm using it for TV, phone and internet.


My question is, is there anyway to hook up anything so I can get a gigabit wired connection to the internet?  I need it because I'm using a ZyXel 325 NAS and getting poor performance because of the 100 Mb lan port on the 3801HGV.  I have a Dlink Dir-825 router that I can use or would be open to buying somethig to let me get the lan speed I need. AT&T says they don't have naything with Gb ports so I'm stuck.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Giganet lan possible?

The new NVG589 Residential Gateway has gigabit ethernet ports on it.  You could always add a gigabit switch to your existing gateway but that would only give you gigabit speed within your network.  The RG would still be a choke point on the other side of whatever you provide.

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Re: Giganet lan possible?

What is your internet package?
With a 3801, possible are Pro (3/1), Elite (6/1), Max (12/1.5), Max Plus (18/1.5), Max Turbo (24/3)

As none out these will even come close to providing 100M connection to the internet.
I can only believe your problem is home network referring to, purchasing a Gigabit switch, place all home network devices on switch, with single connection to 10/100 port RG for internet connection.

If can order POWER tier internet (45/6...$81 per month normal price), bonded install, 55M profile will receive the 589 RG which has 10/100/1000 ports. But internet connection still not faster than 45M.
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Re: Giganet lan possible?

Yes, you would need a Gigabit Ethernet switch to provide Gigabit Ethernet to the entire LAN.  This will improve speeds within your home between the NAS and your wired Ethernet computers.  It will probably not improve speeds to wireless computers, and will definitely not improve speeds if you access the NAS from the Internet.


Uplink the Gigabit Ethernet switch to the 3801HGV with one link, and then plug all wired computers into the switch.  Plug your NAS into the switch as well.  If you have IPTV service, leave all TV boxes plugged into the 3801HGV directly, don't put them on the switch.


The recommended Gigabit Ethernet switches that are known to work well with U-Verse are the NetGear GS-105, GS-108, and GS-116 switches (5 ports, 8 ports, and 16 ports respectively).



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Re: Giganet lan possible?

I am trying to do this exact thing and it's not working for me.  I've got my 2wire router working fine, broadcasting a wireless internet signal as well as wired internet signal.  I plug an ethernet cable from the 2wire router to my Linksys SE2800 8-port switch and then plug my computers and printer and media player into the 8-port switch but nothing on the switch can see the network.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Giganet lan possible?

Thanks, your reply was most helpful, I will ask my rep about gettin the  NVG589 Residential Gateway.  That would solve my problem all around as I'm just concerned with speed on my internal network.



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Re: Giganet lan possible?

Hi, thanks for the reply,

I am on a 24/3 package whatever they call it.  I don't really need the speed up to 45 but it would be worth the $10 just for the router.  Something to think about. I will probably go with the switch and ask about the  NVG589 Residential Gateway that was suggested as an answer on here on here.


Thanks again,



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Re: Giganet lan possible?

Thanks everybody for all your help. I took some suggestions and got the Netgear GS-105 Gigabit Switch, my speed from my computer to my ZyXel 325 NAS went from a creeping 11Mbs to over 60 Mbs, much more then I expected. Problem solved


Thanks to you all



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Re: Giganet lan possible?

Make sure you have a proper CAT5 or higher cable connected between the 2Wire RG and the Linksys Switch. Check the indicator light on both switch to make sure they agree with the connection max connection speed supported by each device. The link should report 100MB.

Once this is done plug the computer into the Linksys switch and then try to issue a PING to which should be the IP address of the 2Wire Gateway. If the PING works try connecting to the Internet. If that works add the printer and repeat the test.
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