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Gateway Authentication Failure


Gateway Authentication Failure

So I got home from school and my internet opened a tab that said Gateway Authentication Failure. I looked online using 4G and it said to reset the router, I did that an it still said Gateway Authenication Failure. Also the service light is off on the router. Is this my problem or AT&T?
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Re: Gateway Authentication Failure


Hello, your profile mentions that you are currently in Connecticut. As of 10/25, Frontier Communications is your new service provider in Connecticut. This forum is for AT&T customers. Frontier does not provide a forum, however there is a 3rd party forum for Frontier located here:

Frontier Forum


Frontier's Facebook page can also be found here:

Frontier Facebook


For Frontier customer service in CT:

Call 1.800.921.8101

or Live Chat: Live Chat

or email:AskFrontier@ftr.com


There are currently issues affecting a few select Frontier CT customers at the moment. All problems should have been resolved on Frontier's end at the moment. Have you tried factory resetting(not just rebooting) your gateway by holding down the red reset button on the back of your gateway for 20 seconds at least?


If that doesn't work, you probably need to schedule for a Frontier technician to come out to your home. Most issues effecting customers currently(other than the search/On Demand issues) are likely those that require a technician. On Demand and such issues can be solved by rebooting the receivers, however it doesn't always download the new software required on a reboot.

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Re: Gateway Authentication Failure

I run into this problem quite frequently and even if they didn't update their location or are out of area, the validity of their question remains. I really dislike how you shunt them away.
So as an AT&T customer, what end does the responsibility lay?
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