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Firmware update for Motorola nvg510


Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

Any one know when a firmware update will be available for the motorola nvg510. It's very frustrating piece of ###. The constant robbing of my browsers home page (Firefox and IE) because the device can't keep connection to the DNS servers and 153. It has gotten very annoying. Does anyone have any ideas how to keep the stupid thing from hijacking my home page url ???   "" (this takes me to a bogus error message about phone lines)  takes a lot of wrangling to get it away from the device..

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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

orrml04 - Strange doings - If you are having DNS problems, try google &
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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

Thanks, that is what I'm doing. (using a different DNS address) and a static address. But when ever the device loses DNS, can't make a connection, it hijacks my home page url. (redirects me to a diagnostic page)  It's stupid and you can't change the DNS setting in the motorola.

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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

This has been an ongoing problem with the NVGs. Why AT&T has not addressed it, well, they're AT&T.


I would get a different modem/gateway. From what they offer, the Pace 4111N looks pretty good and have not heard much negative about it. It also looks to have the best wireless out of any of AT&T's offerings.



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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

I just switched from the NVG510 to the older Motorola 2210-02-1ATT IP-DSLAM modem and my connectivity and VPN issues went away.

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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

Best bet right now if you can find one is the 2210-02-1ATT for IP-DSL.  Unfortunately the 4111N is not compatible with IP-DSL right now, though a version is in the works from what I've heard with an unknown release date.  When it comes to the 2210 though it is being phased out because the company wants to get send out devices that already have the ATA included and are wireless out of the box.  





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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

I am having the same problem over and over >>>>Error message http://www .(google and other sites) .com/cgi-bin/ipdiags.ha. Potential Connection Issue (Message ID: NAD-2902). I hope someone helps you and that I subsequently get the same help.
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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

This helped me with my issues - There seems to be an issue with the DNS servers that ATT uses - I changed mine to google DNS public servers and all is well - 


Motorola Help or

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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

when is at&t going to pay attention to its customers and upgrade the firmware on this.


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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

Same problem here. I got U-verse Pro barely a month ago, it comes with NVG510 (software version 9.0.6h2d21, which to my knowledge is a new/latest firmware). I use MacOSX (Safari & Firefox), and a couple of cellphones (running on Symbian v5 and Android) to wi-fi, did add google DNS to the System Preferences/Network, turned off IPv6 on AT&T GUI page, yet every week I called tech support to find out what's with the "Potential Connection Issue". On a couple of occasions, the tech support reset from AT&T end followed by my restarting the computer; it did not fix the problem until I reset the modem myself. When it happened after office hours, I resorted to resetting the modem. After the last attempt just few days ago over the same issue, the tech support suggested that a technician come to see if there's a connection issue OUTSIDE the house, and I agreed because I was frustrated and thinking that a new modem may not fix the problem. So, the technician came today and said there's nothing wrong with the phone line, checked the modem, reset it the way I always did, and suggested that my computer AND cellphones must be the ones having the problems because everything seems to work just fine. Nice to know how an AT&T technician can just blame it on the customer's equipment when he said it himself that he's not an IT person (he's the "line guy"), claimed to have never seen NVG510 before, never encountered this issue until he came to the house, doesn't even know what ping is nor that Internet Explorer, which I have but don't use, looks slightly different on a Mac.
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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

Hi Junior,


You think the Motorola 2210-02-1ATT IP-DSLAM is a better choice than the NVG510?  If so, do you know the best place to get the AT&T model?



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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

mabsie wrote:
I am having the same problem over and over >>>>Error message http://www .(google and other sites) .com/cgi-bin/ipdiags.ha. Potential Connection Issue (Message ID: NAD-2902).

The solution to this very annoying problem is to clear your browser cache. 


In Firefox options, go to the "Advanced" tab, then the "Network" tab, then under "Cached Web Content" click the button that says "Clear Now."   I always make sure to first navigate to some web page that loads correctly, though I'm not sure if this is necessary.


In IE options, go to the "General" tab, then under "Browsing History" click the Delete button, then make sure that "Temporary Internet Files" is checked, then click "Delete."

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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

AT&T is not the old AT&T. It's hard to image a network company ever spec'ing network software like AT&T has done with all of their U-Verse devices. This device is being pushed into businesses as a network solution and it does not allow one to disable it's lame DHCP so that a business network can be configure on the business side(private network).

I have worked with both the 2Wire device and the Motorola NVG510 device and both were software spec'ed by AT&T to not allow for private network configuration for a business, yes you can put another router behind these devices but they don't even offer standard bridge configuration. To top it off the NVG510 seems to drop network connections or like other viewers here are seeing fail to resolve DNS connections. To test this device I was testing with streaming sites, like Netflixs and the device will just pause for a bit... This can look like DNS issues since the TCP IP request appears to be dropped.


It appears that AT&T is phasing out the old DSL modems in favor of these u-verse modems but there are serious reliability issues with the two devices I have been testing... anyone have any better luck? I have tested both in Raleigh, NC & Charleston, SC. It's almost impossible to run a business with these devices, I have to tell my clients that they have to keep reissuing their web request either by restarting the browsers or any means possible.

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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

The only way to fix the modem itself is to root inside of the modem. Unfortunately, due to how AT&T setup the forum's policies, I can't link or post any instructions on how to root. Though it is just a simple 1-line change. Googling 'root nvg510' should do the trick Smiley Wink
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Re: Firmware update for Motorola nvg510

I am SOOO glad I found this fourm and others like it. Have uVerse and a wonderful NVG510. Yep it goes down daily and AT&T support is beyond worthless. They had my Wife convinced that the reason we were having issues a few days ago was beacouse we did not use the Yellow Cat 5 that came with the unit to connect up to our network (I used a black Cat5e - silly me). Honestly, where do they get these clowns? Glad to know I am not alone. Guess I will just restart the NVG510 daily until AT&T actualy admits they have issues with the NVG 510 modems and issues a software patch of some sort.

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