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Firewall Pinhole created - but no access via RDP?


Firewall Pinhole created - but no access via RDP?

I'm 3 days into my new Uverse service. One of my primary needs is to be able to remote into my home PC from the road.


This was possible with my old ADSL service from AT&T but for all I have in me, I can't seem to make it happen with the new 3800hgv gateway. I have created a "pinhole" successfully (per the firewall page on the gateway).


Is TCP 3389 and/or Remote Desktop blocked at the ISP-level on Uverse? If so, how can I have this - and any other blocked ports - opened up?







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Re: Firewall Pinhole created - but no access via RDP?

Only thing that is blocked is Port 25. I use Teamviewer to connect via remotely to my machines, and those I support, since it is a lot more secure than RDP.
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Re: Firewall Pinhole created - but no access via RDP?

RDP (TCP/3389) should not be blocked. Check your firewall settings carefully and make sure you're remoting into the correct outside IP address from an outside source.

You can also investigate alternatives to RDP if you want, I personally use LogMeIn.

Older versions of RDP such as those that shipped with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 are indeed less secure than some other methods. However, RDP v6 which shipped with Windows Vista, 7, and Server 2008 and 2008R2 is much more secure.
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