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FEC Errors


FEC Errors


I just checked out my broadband status for the first time a couple days ago. Im concerned about the high FEC count. It was like 48,000 at night in the morning it was over 80k. I cleared the count about 17 hours ago and this is what I have now





My speedtests come out good, however my online experience seems kind of slow and my wifes facebook games she says are slower at home then at work. Maybe its the other servers or traffic.



Your opinions and guidance is appreciated. Also I have the NVG589 RG triple play 2 phone lines. I have been told I am 2800' from vrad and I have been told 2000' how can I find out. Thanks.


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Re: FEC Errors

Line distance is estimating, actual loop length is knowing type of cable used , for how long as often cables types can change.
Cable gauge could be 22, 24 or 26, or a combination of those...a uverse tech meter assigns a wire type and calculation loop length, generally accurate but not precise measurement.

Based on max signal strength, k or n card, and SN margin, plus bonded pair (2800 feet would not qualify)
Closer to 2000 feet, with line attenuation around 26, and SN round 24, much closer than 2000 feet, guess 1600.

Fec errors are corrected, allowed up to 100 per minute, 6000 per hour, 102,000 for 17 hours.
Your current level suggests average less than 25 errors per minute (25,500 for 17 hours), I personally would not be concerned.

Different ISPs, different speed tiers, different routing paths can all explain wife observation, does not mean an issue exists.
Your speed tests are where they should be, with low ping.
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Re: FEC Errors

I appreciate it. Thank You.
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