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Equipment for new subcribers


Equipment for new subcribers

I'm getting U-verse installed next week and wondering what type of equipment I'll be getting for the TVs...either Cisco or Motorola? It seams like Cisco is what AT&T is using more of..but I'm not sure.


How about the router/gateway/modem? What brand/model are they giving to new customers?




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Re: Equipment for new subcribers

Hello Kramsde,

This is just based on trends, however any series of circumstances can change this. (Including Warehouse Availability.) Motorola Units are newer, but it depends what your market is using and what they have available. Usually your market will be more Motorola Exclusive or Cisco Exclusive.*


Residential Gateway

If you're: Then you'll likely get

  • Pair-Bonded VDSL: Motorola NVG589 (more likely) or i3812 iNID with 2Wire i38 (although I heard this was being phased out.)
  • FTTP: ONT with Motorola NVG589, 2Wire/PACE 3801 or 3800.
  • GigaPower (Austin): ONT with Motorola NVG589
  • If you're not pair bonded and not FTTP: You'll likely get the 2Wire/PACE 3800 or 3801.


DVR and STBs

If you subscribe to: - you'll likely get

  • U300 and higher - VIP2250 or the Cisco ISB7500 DVR.
  • GigaPower - Pace IPH8010 DVR.
  • Below U300 - VIP 1225/1216 DVR or IPN430/4320 DVR

If you're using:

  • Wireless Receivers - Cisco ISB 7005 STB, Motorola VAP2500 (With a Motorola VAP2500 or Cisco VEN401-AP)
  • Wired Receivers - Motorola VIP2200/VIP1200 STB, Cisco IPN330

* There are a few exceptions, for my Wireless Receivers: I got Cisco ISB7005 with a Motorola VAP2500. Everything else is Motorola.

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Re: Equipment for new subcribers

Kramsde2, julywashere did an excellent job covering options, I only wish to emphasize hardwired units both DVR and receivers will be market exclusive Motorola or Cisco with no option, while the wireless seems to cross market as does the WAP.

If know of someone with Uverse currently in your (area) market, ask what they have.
And as stated the RG type is more distance/service based but internet with IPTV means leased RG at $7/month,.
Note this is a below line fee not included in promotion pricing along with $2.99 local broadcast fee...
bottom line when ordering iptv with internet add $10/month to promotion price plus taxes.

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Re: Equipment for new subcribers

  • Pair-Bonded VDSL: Motorola NVG589 (more likely) or i3812 iNID with 2Wire i38 (although I heard this was being phased out.)



From what the techs who were at my house a couple of weeks ago said, they are not doing any iNID installs so if its pair bonded, it will be the Motorola NVG589.  They replaced my iNID with this and it's so much better.

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Re: Equipment for new subcribers

Thank you all for your answers. I appreciate it.

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