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Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

I have lots of devices listed on my 3801hgv Residential Gateway (RG) and only one has the "Edit Name" link on the LAN -> Status tab.  I've tried other browsers and checked other dialog tabs with no luck.  Has anyone been able to force the Edit Name link to appear?  Other devices only have a read-only "Device Details" link in the device list.  Thanks!


PS - The 3801HGV firmware is currently:

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

Not every device can have the name edited on the RG.
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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

Thanks G!  There must be something specific to the RG's handling of each device, since most all of the devices have at one point had a Edit Name link and now they don't.  

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

I am experiencing the same thing with my 3801. I have a total of seven devices, so it would be great to be able to name them. I do remembering being able to name them with my old 3800. I wonder if giving the devices fixed IP addresses would make any difference.

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

I think I'm making progress.  I toggled the Show/Hide Inactive Devices button above the Device list on the Settings -> LAN tab and the Edit Name is back.  See if that works for you.  If it doesn't, I had also clicked the Clear List button below the Device list.  Then as devices come back into the list, you may need to toggle the Show/Hide button.


G. was correct, I have 1 device so far that can't be renamed, which was always the case for that device.

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

I tried toggling the show/hide button for the device list on the LAN settings page. Still don't see "edit name" except for 1 device out of 8 total. I'm a little afraid to hit the "clear list" button. Will I lose anything?

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

No, it will all come back as devices connect back in.  You can print off the information as a reference.


P.S. - I have 15 devices (2-can't be edited and have an unknown name and currently only 5 have an Edit Name link of the 15).  It would be nice if ATT provided a fix.

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

It is a problem with the device, not with the RG. I know that our Xbox-360 comes up unknown. Also, if the device allows for naming, it would not need to be renamed on the RG.
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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

Agreed, some devices won't ever get to be renamed, like my OOMA VOIP box or your XBox.  However, the same type of device should be handled the same.  I have 2 MBP laptops, one has been successfully renamed, the other remains Unknown without a Edit Name link.  In another example, I have renamed a Verison Extender device successfully, but now the name is listed as None.


It's fair to say that the ATT RG could handle the Edit Name better than it currently does.  Perhaps the next firmware update might address this.  If there is a way to submit a bug report or propose a change, that might get something started.

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

Again, it has nothing to do with the RG, it is a issue with the device in how it handles DNS name scheme. A firmware update is not going to change what the device manufacturer does to their device.
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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

Perhaps, however, 2 of the same laptop models, same model year, at the same hardware and software levels should be handled the same.  Appreciate your responses though, I agree that some devices won't allow a rename.

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

The only devices that CANNOT be name edited are computers, since you've already set a name ON the computer; and the same goes for some smartphones.  If you want to edit the name of a computer or smartphone, you'll need to rename the device AT the device.


Sometime before Phase 3, ALL devices that can be edited now STAY named!  I have always used Private-Fixed, but it made no difference in the past.  Something changed with an update somewhere.  I think it happened when we got the ability to NAME our DVR/STBs from the TV menu. Smiley Wink

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

If you go to (that's the status page under Settings:LAN)

then click on the device details the device that you want to rename.

You will find a address on browser something like this

replace C_2_0a with C_2_0b then press enter.

it will work 100%

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Re: Edit Device Name missing on 3801HGV

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.

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