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DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily


DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have had AT&T DSL for several years.  About six months ago we began to experience drops in our internet service.  The DSL light on the AT&T provided modem would be on, but the internet connection light would be off (and no connectivity).  When called the AT&T tech support indicated that the modem was an old model and causing the problem (we went through all the steps of re-booting, keeping the router off the system, pinging the service line...) and the answer was...replace the modem.  I purchased an ActionTech VDSL2 (Model #V2000H) to replace the old modem. 


Internet connections became better, but soon started to drop out on a regular basis (again the DSL light is on and the connectivity within the home network is fine, but the internet light is out).  It is to the point that I reboot the modem/router in the morning before leaving for work and then again in the evening when I get home from work. 


Everything in my mind says that this points to a delivery issue and not a home equipment issue.  So, my basic question is, "what can be done?"  I don't relish the idea of spending 45 minutes to an hour (or more) on the phone with a technician, doing the same things I have already done just to "check the system".  It is baffling when the modem indicates DSL connectivity but not internet connectivity...is it possible to have one without the other?

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have the exact same PROBLEM...it’s doing daily: at first it was multiple times per day, now it only occurs once or twice daily. On most days I only lose it once daily. My last tech separated the data from the voice using a splitter at the outside box, and also put on a whole house filter there also. I had 2 phones lines into the house about 10 years ago, so now the incoming line is split - 1 goes to and the other goes to voice.


I also have a burglar alarm system, which the tech came out a verified that it is not interfering with the internet and or the voice line.

So I am puzzled as to why I am having these line drops on a daily basis.

Now they, ATT, is calling on a daily basis to see what the status is – they have not said they were still working it, but they are calling for status.

Go figure. It won’t be long before I jump to another provider…..

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I am so glad to read that I am not the only one dealing with this issue.  I have DSL internet, U-Verse is not available in my neighborhood.  I have been using a Netgear 7550 that I bought in Nov, 2014.  The internet service will drop off when all of the lights on the modem/router remain green.  I have to unplug the mode, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in, once it finishes rebooting, all is well.  I have this exact same issue across my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro (even with an ethernet line to the MacBook).  All of the electronics show connected to the internet except that when I try to do something online, I get a "connection lost" or "no internet connection."  I have been on the phone, sometimes multiple times a day, with ATT and now Tech Services, including using their message line, emails to a few of the techs, and now I am here.  Each time I speak to someone I get a different story:  problem is modem, no, it's ATT; need to change WiFi Connection Setup Channel should be on 9, no, automatic; Security on mixed WPA/WPA2, no, WPA2-PSK; DNS server is wrong, no, it's fine.............HELP!!!!  There are no other internet service providers allowed in the park that I live in, so, I'm stuck.  I have to use ATT.  They are sending a tech out tomorrow, to check the line to the house.  I have already changed the modem 3 times (including the wires and filter).  The only thing I haven't changed is the telephone line from the outside of the house to the phone jack that is inside the house.  Should I rig up a new line for that and see if it corrects the dropping issue or just give up?  Thanks!

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

As an update, the tech came out today (on Mother's Day!) and rewired the outside and kitchen connections.  He suggested that I switch the WiFi channel to 6 (I have Apple products).  The service lasted just under 12 hours.  All of the lights on the modem (Netgear7550) are green and yet there is no service on my iPad.  I have connected my MacBook to the modem via ethernet cable, and it is working on this one at the moment, but no wireless.  I will unplug the modem here shortly and let it reboot, but having to do this daily has become very tiresome.


Please, does anyone have any constructive ideas as to what to do to repair this?  My only alternative is to reconnect my iPad to Verizon and not use the laptop or iPhone wirelessly anymore.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

Complain to the FCC.  AT&T has done NOTHING to fix my constant almost scheduled drops up to 4 times a day.  They claim to have 99.9% reliability, however, I think the only thing they are reliable for is drops.  My drops happen so often I can almost set my clock by them. 

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

@wyleec   Might try using Google DNS in Macs. Many devices find they can connect using Google DNS. It bypasses ATT modem DNS.  Even in Uverse, Macs have problems connecting and suggest it there all the time.


Step by step instructions. Good luck Smiley Wink



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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily



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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have had ATT DSL service for 17 years without having much problem.

However, it started to me about 3 months ago.

It just cuts off our Internet connection about every 10-20 minutes.

It looks like they have too many subscribers in our area and cuts me off once a while and give my IP to someone else...

I just signed up with Xfinity today and I hope I get a better service from Xfinity. 

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