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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily


DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have had AT&T DSL for several years.  About six months ago we began to experience drops in our internet service.  The DSL light on the AT&T provided modem would be on, but the internet connection light would be off (and no connectivity).  When called the AT&T tech support indicated that the modem was an old model and causing the problem (we went through all the steps of re-booting, keeping the router off the system, pinging the service line...) and the answer was...replace the modem.  I purchased an ActionTech VDSL2 (Model #V2000H) to replace the old modem. 


Internet connections became better, but soon started to drop out on a regular basis (again the DSL light is on and the connectivity within the home network is fine, but the internet light is out).  It is to the point that I reboot the modem/router in the morning before leaving for work and then again in the evening when I get home from work. 


Everything in my mind says that this points to a delivery issue and not a home equipment issue.  So, my basic question is, "what can be done?"  I don't relish the idea of spending 45 minutes to an hour (or more) on the phone with a technician, doing the same things I have already done just to "check the system".  It is baffling when the modem indicates DSL connectivity but not internet connectivity...is it possible to have one without the other?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily



     I understand not wanting to spend time on the phone running the same diagnostic testing, have you tried any self testing methods, I have included two below.


AT&T Troubleshoot & Resolve


AT&T Speed Test & understanding Internet speeds


     Have you checked or exchanged any filters or splitters, checked all connections and wiring?


     If test have been made and connections have been made and your still having DSL disconnects please feel free to send a private message to our ATTCustomer care team by following the link below. Please include your name, email address, phone number and the best time that you can be contacted.


Private Message




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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

Thanks.  I will try these self-tests and see what happens.  Separately none of the filters have been changed and have been in place since we first started using DSL.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have similar problems, but have done all the tests. (It is Earthlink service, but it uses AT&T lines an equipment.) I have unplugged all telephones, replaced the filters, tested everything I could find, but it continues for the last few months, just getting from a few seconds to a couple hours.


I just got the same things done with customer support, who after all of this will send me a modem. I doubt that will fix anything. Here's why:


The lost of connect ONLY occurs between 0300 and 0700 in the morning. After that, no problems all day.


I suspect it is some kind of maintenance or modifications in the telephone line modem connection it the AT&T equipment. It could also be overload, but why only those hours.


What I am looking for is someone to ask specifically about the line connection where my landline goes to see what is done there at night, but I have not been able to find that. Almost all references are pertaining to sales and general support, but none like this specific question.



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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have the exact same problem, only it get's worst if it's raining out or there is water on the ground.  I've been through all the Trouble Shooting and replaced my ATT Modem with an Action Tech modem.  Still have the problem.  I've had ATT to the house and of course, everytime they come, the internet is working.  Last time they were there they said I had some corrossion on the terminals outside my house and they cleaned them.  I figured they would change the box out since it's all cracked and full of bugs, etc.  Couple days later, started losing the Internet light again.  I've called several times since then and get getting different people whom go through the whole troubleshooting again.  I was even lucky enough the lose the connect while they were on the line.  They said it was a problem at the switching building and they would have to rebuild my socket.  That again was a bunch of crap because I'm still have them problem.  I called again June 16th and went through the entire troubleshooting again, then got discconnected from the tech.  Why do they ask for a call back number in case you get disconnected, then never call back??  Really poor service!!   I'm sure the problem is between the pole and my house, but I cannot get them to do anything about it.  I'm at wits end and ready to change my service to another provider.  Anyone have any suggestions before I pull the plug on AT&T??

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily


DSL intermittent loss of sync   .



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.... ‎07-04-2013 08:09:01 AM 


With all due respects to moderators , this problem is poersistent and no field technician knows what it is caused by nor how to fix it . When modem is ON but computer is NOT , modem lights will stay steady green forever .

 When I go online , switching websites , clicking on links , and even going to my yahoo.homepage OR ATT homepage , just clicking on Mail will cause the modem to lose sync and start flashing . It comes back up by itself within about 30 seconds . This started about 5 months ago . I have changed cords , changed modems [ATT-2210 2 wire ]  I have a straight connection from nid to modem with an external splitter/filter at the nid . I removed filter and connected straight thru , thereby eliminating the house and phones altogether . Technicians have changed F2 facility from house to dslam , changed DSLAM PORT and even changed to another CARD in the DSLAM - after 5 visits by your technicians , discussion with Tech Help who inturn called the DSG , no solution has been found .  I even ran a CAT-5 cord from the modem and had your technicians connect directly to the F2 terminal outside my house thereby by passing everything inbetween and STILL , it occurs .This is continuous regardless of time of day .

 I have read thru the complaints which are identical and read your list of possibilities , but this problem is beyond your expertise , and that of your standard field technicians . MLT testing of the circuit in its entirety is testing CLEAN **** THERE IS A PROBLEM IN THE DSLAM ITSELF ,

The possibilities are :





 The problem has become progressively worse over time and the possible reason is either proliferation of 6 mb dsls , and uvers circuits putting a strain on bandwidth available,  a failure to upgrade equipment OR faulty equipment in the dslam besides the cards themselves . This problem needs to be dealt with by the DSG and DLC groups .My DSL is only 1.5 MB so wire conditioning is not a problem since the wires are clean and distance is within parameters .Feel free to email me , as I can give you the particulars and circuit information .

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

We have had repeated problems as well. AT&T has blamed a host of things, including the modem--we bought a new one and then a replacement of that in case it was defective, but saw no improvement--ultimately insisting that we need to upgrade to faster speed. Yet, we run speedtest several times daily and the speeds are often as not well below the speed AT&T guarantees for our plan. Frustrating to say the least.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I have had similar problems. You indicated the DSL connection is resetting itself after 30 seconds. Is that correct? If so, I may have a solution. Your modem may be experiencing a packet flooding condition that is causing the firewall to drop the connection. It is a condition this is prevalent with a wide range of modems but is not acknowledged by ATT. 


Solution from ATT tech: Good luck.


  Re: DSL drop for few seconds every hour

Greetings Juiwan,


The problem you're having is quite common, but yet never acknowledged. I have noticed this problem about four years ago when I recieved my first 2Wire modem device and playing intensive online gaming.


The 2Wire has a mechanism inside that is called a Firewall which protects the modem from oncoming attacks. However, the 2Wire is known for firmware issues in which the 2Wire will detect a false attack and cause the modem to shut itself down. An example of this would be a automotive with an burglar alarm system and a brush of wind causes it to go off. 


The fix to this is fairly simple. You need to access your internet browser by placing in the URL :


Click on the Firewall link icon which looks like a Lock at the top right of your interface. About a quarter of an inch down, you will need to select Advanced settings. 


Note: You may or may not be prompted to put in a System Password... This password is for the configuration of your modem, if you don't remember it, select Forgot password and it will provide a hint. If you still cannot remember the password, select "Still cannot remember password" and you will be prompt to put in the System Key. To find this key, it will be location on the left hand side your modem in between two barcodes. It's a ten digit number surrounded by bracket signs. Create your password at this time and then go back to the Firewall, Advanced settings and place in the new password you've created. 



On the next screen you will see on the right hand side an option that says Attack Detection -- Uncheck the option for "Packet Flood" and then hit save.


Once done, go back to the top icons and select Home Network, to the lower right you will see Edit Settings under Wireless Settings, click Edit Settings, proceed to the bottom of the screen and set Power Setting to 10... and Wireless Mode to B only.


Once done, click on the save feature and close out of the browser, reopen and it should fix the problem permanently. 



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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily



This works. It helped me alot. I can actually not be scared to play online on the PS3 when my brother is on his laptop.

Thank you so much.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

I too have been having internet problems dropping several times a day all hours I have got a new netgear modem router from AT&T  which worked ok at first but now is so frustrating with internet dropping sometimes just me on internet and poof its gone again others while sons playing on PS3 or computer and then it becomes very aggravating resetting modem works a few min. then gone again. I have done every troubleshooting trick possible: from disconnecting all connections to modem even wall,  moved modem to not be interferred by other phones or anything, shutting down computer,  run AT&T troubleshoot (shows nothing)  says check connection redo all this eventually it comes back may stay on for a long period other times only minutes!!   I upgraded to the highest speed dsl which is big disappointment with the service I get for the amount I have to pay to get cut off more than I'm on here!!  Would like to know how I can try the firewall problem stated in post on my netgear?  I do not show same stuff as you instructed on on the 2wire modem...  Currently looking to replace AT&T internet service if this problem is not resolved like very soon!!  Called several times can not get through to them in under 20 to 30 minutes most times I have to hang up because I have to tend to other things or my family  before I get through to tech support!!  My mother just got internet and hers does the same thing so I am not dealing with just mine I have to do hers too which becomes overwhelming when two homes I have to keep being an issues for this same problem!!  Very disappointed with service and no answers from even tech that came to mothers house did not know what was wrong!!


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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

gizbeau,  I too have a Netgear modem/router and it does exactly what yours does.  Every 20-30 minutes like clockwork, the ethernet (I'm hardwired), wireless, broadband and service lights go out.  Power light remains on.  Another minute or so it recovers and works again.  Very annoying!!!  This issue just started 2-3 weeks ago.  Have done the AT&T tech support (888-321-2375) several times, was sent a new router, yada, yada.  They never addressed the firewall issue that's in this thread.  Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do what the article suggested on the netgear modem either.  Am attempting to contact netgear.  Will post if successful.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

Well, no help from Netgear, but AT&T tech had me remove the filter and plug modem directly into phone jack.  Prior to that, I was getting a reset every 20-30 minutes.  It's been good for over two hours now.  Hope this works. 

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

Update,  It's been two days now and I've had one drop off.  AT&T service rep (Tyler) very helpful, called today for a status update, and is planning to call back later this week to see if we need to proceed further with troubleshooting the issue.  At this point appears to be corrected.  The one drop-off may have been coincidental.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

So far, this worked for me too. Removed the filter and have had no dropped connections for 2 days now. Prior to that, my connection would not stay up for longer than 5-20 minutes. Thanks for posting.

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Re: DSL Light on but Internet Drops Daily

We have had this problem for a couple of years. Our DSL will drop out at random times, though usually not when someone is on line thank goodness. It will happen sometimes numerous times in a single day, or it may stay connected for a week or more then drop out for apparent reason. Our wireless connection always remains, using an Apple Airport Express, but we will get an error message that no internet connection is available. The fix is to shut down the computer, switch off the power at the surge protector, wait a period of time (at least five minutes though longer is often required) and reboot the whole system. The modem restarts, the Express reconnects, we restart the computer and we have internet. For a while anyway. I have been in contact with ATT service both through chat and on the phone and the answers are always the same, but nothing has solved the issue or even made improvements. Very frustrating and we are finally looking into switching to Charter's cable service for our internet. DSL speed has always been disappointing as well. Streaming video or even music is delayed or bogged down with constant buffering. Been with ATT internet service for many years but I am afraid we are soon to depart company.

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