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DSL Landline connection keeps dropping. I need help


DSL Landline connection keeps dropping. I need help

I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, but I've seen probably this section is the best place to put this out of the three for AT@T U-Verse. Thanks to anybody who replies.



Okay, for the last few weeks I have had some problems with my modem. These started around a few days or so after I chipped the connection snapper thingie at one end of my ethernet cable. The thing is, I don't know if that's the problem or not, since the modem itself is kind of old now (been in use for almost 3 years now). Usually it hasn't been THAT much of a problem, since I can usually fix it by replugging one or two cables, but this last time It disconnected for around 30-40 minutes. With most of the lights knocked out and the DSL and ethernet lights flashing. I tried fixing it, most of the entire time thinking it would be dead, but after several retries of it rebooting itself it came back online (after a certain period of time during when the modem was disconnected, the flashing dsl and ethernet lights would go out completely and the actual power light would flash a little, then the modem would restart and the whole process would repeat again several times up until it finally came back on).



So what should I do? Buy a new Modem? ethernet cable? some other cable? wait it out?  I tried restarting the modem myself several times which may or may not have helped it to come back online as of this moment.


Is there also any tips I could try? I don't think It's overheating as it still took it around 20 minutes for it to regain connection (which it normally doesn't do) after I blowed any dust off of it and replugged it in after a 12-14 hour rest for the night.


(Recent update) I tried scanning for malware. but my anti-virus program (Malware Bytes) didn't find anything. I think the problem is with my ethernet cable, the chipped end is on the side connected to the modem and I diagnosed the problem a couple of times and it said the modem was the problem. So I'll try to switch the chipped end to the router later when it drops connection for a while and see what the Windows diagnostic tool(?, I don't know if that's what it's specfically called) says. The modem is also starting to lose connection around every hour or so for about 2-5 minutes now.

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Re: DSL Landline connection keeps dropping. I need help

I appreciate you writing a very comprehensive review of whatyour issue is and what you've done to try and fix it. Now, I'm not entirely sure if your service is U-verse High Speed Internet or AT&T's regular DSL, but regardless, it looks like based on the symptoms you've given, that you really need to replace your modem. It would be best to call 800 288 2020 though to ensure that everything is looked into. The tech reps would have all the tools needed to detect the exact problem, and eventually decide if it definitely needs a replacement. You should also consider replacing that ethernet cable that got chipped off. It would always end up being loose because of it and you'll eventually be troubled by it.

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Re: DSL Landline connection keeps dropping. I need help

Thanks, Les. If you see this later can you answer another question for me? Does my modem have to be completely broke to be replaced for free? and do I have to send it in at the same time my new modem is sent? There are some events computer related I don't want to miss in the next couple of weeks. Nothing important though Smiley Happy

Can I also just quickly replace it with another modem from a computer shop? Or does AT&T officially have to be notified? Again, thanks in advance to any people who answer.



Also, if I call that number do they detect the problem remotely or do they send an actual guy to come over and detect the problem?

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