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DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems


DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

I have constant internet disconnection problems, it is on everyday basis and I have tried tech support, techinicians, and even some fmaily friends to try and help but, nothing ever seems to work and I am at my witts end with AT&T and 2Wire. 


I have DSL Internet Connection Modem from AT&T, I multiple devices that use the internet but, all use Wifi/Broadband. 

I have a 2Wire 2701HG-B Gateway Modem.  I have adjusted many settings to fix my problems but, nothing seems to work.  I changed my PPPoE to PPPoA, my VCI and VPI from 0/35 to 8/35, my MTU to proper stream (from 1492 to 1488), my radio signal from 802.11b/g to 802.11b and even have tried 802.11g, my wireless channel is 7(2442MHz), and Max Connection Rate is 54Mbps.  Here is some further info: 

All info was taken at 11:11am US Eastern Time, July 26,2013 Friday.


DSL Link: Connected Internet: Connected   Connection Speed: Incoming: 7037 kbps Outgoing: 508 kbps   Connection Information: Internet Address: Hardware Address: --:--:--:--:--:-- Key Code: 522P-22P4-6262-22AT-F2NV
DSL Connection Details DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair) Protocol: G.DMT2+ Annex A Downstream Rate: 7037 kbps Upstream Rate: 508 kbps Channel: Interleaved Current Noise Margin: 24.3 dB (Downstream) 15.9 dB (Upstream) Current Attenuation: 36.7 dB (Downstream) 15.7 dB (Upstream) Current Output Power: 19.0 dBm (Downstream) 0.4 dBm (Upstream) DSLAM Vendor Information: Country: {0xB5} Vendor: {BDCM} Specific: {0x9162} PVC Info: 8/35   Internet Connection Details Connection Type: PPPoA Username: Internet Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Primary Domain Name Server: Secondary Domain Name Server: Domain:   Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU): 1488 Gateway Ping: Successful DNS Communication: Successful Configuration Server Post: Waiting for DNS information



DSL Synchronization: UP G.DMT Signal: UP PVC Connection: UP PPPoA Service: UP PPP Authentication: UP IP Connection: UP DNS Communication: UP



IP Bytes   Packets   Errors Transmit: 3094656   15719   0 Receive: 12592182   17741   0




Collected for 10:46:42

  Since Reset Current 24-Hour Interval Current 15-Minute Interval Time Since Last Event ATM Cell Header Errors: 22376 22376 0 0:13:34   ATM Loss of Cell Delineation: 21018 21018 0 0:13:34   DSL Link Retrains: 20 20 0 0:17:50   DSL Training Errors: 7 7 0 1:03:44   DSL Training Timeouts: 0 0 0 0:00:00   DSL Loss of Framing Failures: 90 90 0 0:14:42   DSL Loss of Signal Failures: 30 30 0 0:17:50   DSL Loss of Power Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00   DSL Loss of Margin Failures: 50 50 0 0:17:50   DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds: 672 672 0 0:13:34   DSL Severely Errored Seconds: 411 411 0 0:14:42   DSL Corrected Blocks: 32347 32347 0 0:09:34   DSL Uncorrected Blocks: 22455 22455 0 0:13:34    ISP Connection Establishment: 10 10 10 9:53:52

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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

I have also checked my outside box,all of DSL Wires are secure and not loose but, I believe we are not running a Cat5 line. My house is over 90 years old and we have had Bellsouth/AT&T internet since the 11 years we have been living here. The first 2Wire modem acted the same so they sent us two other replacements and this is the third replacement so it is not faulty equipment. I also believe they have replaced the DSL lines as well.
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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

I live in a community that was developed back in the ‘30s. Of course most houses had telephone landlines installed, from a nearby utility pole. These 2 wire systems worked perfectly for the next 70 years, until someone had the bright idea to multiplex the internet connection into the ancient phone service. There were, however, some severe limitations, not apparent with a dialup connection. The speed of any 2 wire internet connection is directly related to the distance from the user to the nearest server. The dialup connection didn’t present any speed problems, since the up- and download speed was only in the kilobyte range anyway.

DSL, however presented a  series of issues: If  the DSL server is physically located more than a couple of miles away from the user, the quality of the DSL signal degrades dramatically, causing intermittent , or complete loss of internet connection . Additionally, if the wiring from the server, or even from the nearest distribution box (Those big metal boxes at various street corners (that are frequently being serviced by AT&T techs) to your house is 8 decades old (as it was in my case). the DSL signal may not reliably get to its destination (your modem). The wiring inside the overhead  bundle leading up to your neighborhood utility pole could essentially be degraded either by the elements like rain, wind, snow, etc. or critters like squirrels chewing their way through the insulation. In most cases the phone service is not affected, or one might experience a noisy telephone line.

On a dry, calm day you might have a good DSL connection, then, the wind picks up, you’re off-line. Another give-away is, when you lose connection early in the morning or at night when the humidity is high.

I had been trying to get my intermittent internet connection fixed for the last 4 weeks. It took endless hours on the phone, repeating the same test procedures over and over again. In most cases the DSL was working when AT&T was testing their lines, and when it wasn’t working the service expert was convinced that the problem was not theirs, (since their lines tested ok) and, because my modem could not authenticate the ISP, it had to be a broken modem. They could not help me setting up the NETGEAR modem because it was a model they didn’t support.

 I finally convinced them to schedule a  service tech to check the phone lines at my end. The service tech replaced some questionable wires from the utility pole to my house and tested all wires inside and out and found no problems. Of course he happened to be at my house on a calm, windless, dry day, and the DSL was working.  Two hours later it failed again. Before calling again I went to the local BestBuy and purchased an AT&T approved modem, installed it and all was working ok - only to fail again 4 hours later. I called them again and, after being on hold for 45 minutes, I was able to convince a supervisor to schedule another service call. She also elevated the importance of my problem to, what she called, “a chronic issue”, and that they would troubleshoot until it was 100% fixed.

The next day, as I was trying to make a phone call on my landline there was no dial tone, the phone was completely dead. Had to drive to the local AT&T store, to have the sales guy make another service call for me.  He tried to get a service tech to my house the same day, but I had to settle for the already scheduled service call two days out. By the time I got back home 4 hours later, the phone (and  the DSL) was magically working again -  With the same intermittent DSL problem,

When the service tech came (a different one) he retested all the wiring again and finally decided to check the line at the PoO (Point of Origin, the metal junction box a couple of blocks away). Surprise! He found that my phone line was intermittently shorting to ground. He replaced the connection to a ‘clean’ spare pair of wires and , voila`, the DSL and the internet worked and has been working  flawlessly since (4 days now.)

Note: my old NETGEAR modem works fine, too, the new one went back to the store.

Credit to AT&T: They are now calling me on the daily bases to make sure the DSL is still working. And they arranged an adjustment to my monthly statement.

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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

This sounds alot like what is happening to my service. It was fine for 3 years until a few weeks ago when my DSL connection constantly drops throughout the day, some times being out for hours with a red "DSL" light on the modem. Then it will magically come on again after sitting awhile. Called customer support twice, the first resolved nothing, the second have scheduled a Tech visit, since the lady I talked to couldn't get a response from my modem. The following evening, internet is back up, and has been on since. That was two days ago, and my tech visit is scheduled for tomorrow and at this point I'm torn whether or not to cancel the visit, or keep it. If the internet is working fine while they're here, what will they do and what will I be charged for if nothing is wrong?


I'm still going to assume there is a problem somewhere, I don't know why the service which worked fine for years would suddenly go haywire for 2 weeks and then straighten itself out once again?

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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

Intermittent connection problems are extremely hard to troubleshoot. In most cases the problem goes away when you are trying to fix it. I my case it took 2 different techs to finally find an intermittent shorted wire in the overhead utility bundle. As I had mentioned in my first post, if the phone wiring is several decades old, these bundles degrade due to the elements and critters use the utility wiring as a squirrel highway, and occasional start chewing away on these cables.

Don't cancel the appointment, have the tech check the utility pole wiring very thouroghly for any kind of electronic noise, and or shorted connections.

the only cost you might have is if he has to do any kind of wiring repair inside your house. You mentioned all was working fine for many year, so, I assume that your phone wires  are ok. You should not have to pay for any repair that has to be done outside your house. That is part of the service you pay for with your monthly bill.

good luck


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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

This is my problem as well. AT&T is no help at all. I cannot continue to spend an hour on "chat" or on the phone to fiddle with settings. NOTHING helps. I need a technician. CANNOT WAIT to have an alternative source of WIFI. I cannot watch a movie on Roku or conduct my business without interruption. My cell phone is in constant use for everything because AT&T doesn't provide promised service on my DSL.
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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

If you have a different modem you can try it could possibly just be that 2wire modem/router that's messed up. I keep reading in posts that alot of disconnects are because the power adapter in those 2 wires go bad after a while. How long have you had that 2 wire router/modem?

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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

my internet WILL NOT STAY ON,goes in and out constantly, they put lines in around here and since then I have been having problems,and its happened before.... I pay $29.00 a month for internet ,its all i can afford and I hardly get to use IT!!!!! I have netgear modem,I WILL NOT use AT&T modems they burn out to fast! mine is fine,so whats the problem?
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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

this is me to a T..... recently they updated the lines here,fiber optic or something! Since then I cannot get my internet to STAY on long enough to use it...last time they worked on the lines they forgot to hook my phone line back up...frustrated with AT&T beleive me!!! Have netgear modem also refuse to use AT&T modem burn out to fast!!! had three already learned my lesson..they are garbage!

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Re: DSL/Internet Constant Disconnection Problems

This is a problem that can be overlooked. Aged phone lines are a high precentage of issues with internet service. If you d not use home phone service and only have internet, remove all phone lines from the home and from the NID box start a new phone line to just one jack in your home. My home was built in 70. The lines can occur damage over the years due to rodents chewing on lines plus old lines just don't work well with current services. DNS errors can occur with devices and constant connectivity issues can occur. Do this yourself. Having it professionally done can cost way more than it needs to. Lowes has the phone line at an affordable price. Phone jacks are cheap as well. You do a how to search on your favorite video site if need be to get assistance

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