DNS Configuration - NVG510


DNS Configuration - NVG510

I, unfortunately, was recently talked into "upgrading" my DSL to U-verse - so I could save 5 dollars a month. I have encountered an issue with the NVG510. Try as I might, I am simply unable to envision a situation where it would be beneficial to lock down the DNS configuration so that a person is unable to change it. What is the purpose of it? Is there a way to "unlock" this so you can manually change your DNS servers without having to bridge another router? Had I known this was going to happen I would have just stuck with my old DSL - it was half the speed that it is now but at least it was functional.
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Re: DNS Configuration - NVG510

Unfortunately, DNS settings are hard-coded in all U-Verse routers, because some U-Verse services (VOIP and IPTV) use DNS names that only the AT&T DNS servers can resolve.

To use your own DNS settings, you can use your own router behind the NVG510, or you can make individual DNS entries on each device.

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