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Could my internet issues be a bad Motorola NVG589 Modem?


Could my internet issues be a bad Motorola NVG589 Modem?



I've come to realize that my home issues with the internet could be a bad Motorola NVG589 Modem. The reason I say this, every few hours online, I get the browser window saying "more information is needed' and it is the ATT modem front page saying "no internet connection" so i check the modem leds and sure enough, only power/ethernet/wireless are lighted, broadband is red, service/phone are out. I can wait it out (maybe 10 minutes and the modem comes back on with internet access. But the quicker route is to power cycle the Motorola NVG589 Modem. I've turned off ipv6 as suggested from previous posting. Each time the internet goes out, I use my mobile app ATT Mark the Spot to send the issue. Out of the few dozens of sending to ATT, only once did it respond with "we are aware of a local problem and are working to fix" but all the other times, nothing.


So my question to anyone, what is the process of getting another Motorola NVG589 Modem to see if that is the issue? Can I get an "off the shelf" modem to test against? The problem with the Off the Shelf modem is I need to find one that has a phone line.



A frustrated uVerse customer

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Re: Email instructions from AT&T regarding "rebooting Wi-Fi gateway."

I don't have any issues with rebooting the router/modem.

MY issue is with the uVerse Internet going down at random times throughout the day.

When the internet goes down, I have 2 options:

1. Wait for the internet to come back online

2. Reboot the router/modem manually


I find that option 1 takes in upwards of 10 minutes to get internet back.

With option 2, it is faster, so this is the route I use to get internet back up and running.


My original post was, why am I seeing so much down time to which there is no answer.

I then reposted that maybe it is my router/modem that is the issue.


I have 2 options on how to reboot the router/modem.

1. Pull the power connector from the back of the router/modem

2. Power cycle the attached battery backup


BTW, for reference, all my computers and TV are using the wired method.

There are a couple laptops that uses wireless but these are not my gaming systems.

When the ethernet goes down, everything is down, wired and wireless.


I am guessing that I will just have to accept this and live with it and hope something changes in the futre that will give me more reliable service.

BTW, when I had DSL, my internet was up 99% of the time, the only times it went offline was during really bad weather but then everyone in my area went down too. I know that I cannot go back to DSL (I would love to just for this reason alone). Does the router/modem have any logs that is capture when it goes down? Or any utilities that I can install to capture for ATT support to investigate?


I have contacted ATT support, they said because it is intermitten and I can't pinpoint that unless the tech is here when it goes down, there is little they can do...



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Re: Email instructions from AT&T regarding "rebooting Wi-Fi gateway."

 I live in Arlington Tx. I have the same modem and I have the same problem. I am about to drop ATT if they don't make better on the neighborhood problems. I believe it is the underground wiring which are OLD COPPER telephone wises that are 40 Years old. They refuse to upgrade the wires in my area. I was on two wire connections to my house. Now it is one. When I called and complained about losing one wire, they ran test and send one wire is good enough. ATT is giving less for more; I feel they spend too much for advertising and too little for substructure. Fix your problem ATT or I'm bye bye . 

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