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Connecting i3812v to an iPSU with Cat5 cable pair


Connecting i3812v to an iPSU with Cat5 cable pair

I have the 2 pair bonded setup with an i3812v iNID on the outside of my house and a iPSU on the inside.  This was disconnected several months ago when changing services.  I want to re-establish U-Verse for Internet only and use my own wireless router as I am not fond of the i38HG.  In order to do this setup I need to connect the i38HG in order to connect to the i3812v and enable the Ethernet port.  Since I had the service before and have all of the equipment I don't need an installer to come to my house.  I can set everything up and wait for them to "flip the switch" to re-establish my Internet connection. 


Here is my issue:

The ethernet cable that was used provide power between the i3812v and the iPSU has been disconnected and removed from the iPSU.  I have found manuals for the iNID and the iPSU but neither say anything about how to connect them together.  I removed the cover that has the warning about "risk of electrick shock" and found black and red screw terminals.  This appears to be the only logical place that the pair of cat5 wires could possibly connect to provide power to the i3812v.  I don't know which wire should go on which terminal.  The i3812v on my house is using the blue and white/blue to connect to the power connecter inside the iNID.  Does anyone know whether I should connect the white/blue to the black or to the red terminal in the iPSU (and subsequently the blue to the black or red terminal). I cannot believe that this is not documented anywhere.







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Re: Connecting i3812v to an iPSU with Cat5 cable pair

if you are creating a new account a tech dispatch will be neccessary even for a internet only install. required.

Date of install will require someone 18 or ovef to be present during appointment/install window.

The prem tech will need to verify sync and possibly even install new new jumpers at crossbox as your original assignments have likely been guven to another account. The tech will need access to power supply (install and verify PS cabling, grounding...inid require grounded power). Inspect homerun, jack and install new i38HG

Addituonal tech will need to factory reset BBU/inid (clear info from old i38hg and have new accepted in registry.

This should be a billable install as only internet is ordered, if your previous account is suspended or inactive you may be reactivated, but if your original account was closed and new created then automatic tech visit for install.

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Re: Connecting i3812v to an iPSU with Cat5 cable pair

my thoughts is right on the money, appreciate seeing great support here Smiley Happy

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