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Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet


Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet

I have read tons of posts in the forums in addition to spending time with Samsung and AT&T Customer Service without any luck. Getting any kind of assistance from this forum is my last resort.


Below is brief summary of mu issue:


1. When I select the "Web Browser" on my Samsung Smart TV, it gives me the ERROR_EXE_001

2. I have checked that the firmware is update to the date and tried all kind of stuff which most of them recommended starting from

A) resetting it to factory defaults

B) Using Static IP

C) Changing DNS setting to

D) Deactivating Firewall from Router setting for TV device


Would anybody help me or walk through the steps on how this can get working? I'll be more than happy to list any details you need.


Thanks !

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Re: Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet

woolroom - Someone reported changing the country in the Samsung solved the problem. I did some searches & cannot find the post. Does your setup have a country choice??


@woolroom  found it - 


You also need to specify the Country Code:


1. Open Smart Hub

2. Aim your remote at the TV and press: [fast-fwd] 2 8 9 [rewind]

3. Select desired country... note it takes quite a while to get this list; do this after changing DNS to

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Re: Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet

Thank you for the solution. It happens that UVerse was at the house this afternoon and got the modem to pick up speed AND googled the error message: ERROR_EXE_001 and got the same answer. So, I was able to get Smart Hub up and working. I just wonder why Samsung doesn't offer that information.
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Re: Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet PROBLEM RESOVED

I had this same problem and could not reset the country code myself.  The first samsung rep I got told me that there was an incompatibility between ATT and Smart Hub and nothing could be done.   It got escalated to the remote assistance group which can take control of your tv and make adjustments.  She took control of the tv and corrected it by setting the country code.  With all the updates etc. it took about 10 minutes and she was great about it. She did say that there was an compatibility problem a while ago but that has been long resolved and the country code fix is what works now!


I suggested that she contact management to make sure they inform their level one reps that this problem can indeed be resolved and how to get them to the proper support group.



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Re: Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet PROBLEM RESOVED

Was it a Samsung person who connected to your tv remotely?

How do they do that if you don't have an internet connection?

I tried changing the DNS and it didn't help and I can't change the country code on my TV (UN55C7000) using the FST FWD 2 8 9 REWIND feature, just doesn't do anything.

I tried a live chat with a Samsung person and got the "Reset your router and it will fix it" bulls*** response... they said they never heard fo the ATT/Samsung issue before - such cr*p!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm using hard wire that works on my laptop but not on my TV).


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Re: Connecting Samsung SmartApps to U Verse Internet

Thanks for the information. I set the dns to and that fixed it. I now made it through the wireless setup including Internet. Thanks
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