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Connecting My italbb Equipment To My AT&T 3801HGV


Connecting My italbb Equipment To My AT&T 3801HGV

I finally received my italkbb equipment today. I connect an Ethernet cable from my AT&T modem/router (3801HGV) to the blue labeled Internet port of the OBi302 phone adapter box for phone service. No problem. I can connect a second Ethernet cable from my AT&T modem/router to the Ethernet port on the back of the S-Box 7340 for TV service. No problem. If I do it this way I will have to run two Ethernet cables from my AT&T modem/router. What I want to know is if I can run a single Ethernet cable to the OBi302 phone adapter box and then run a shorter Ethernet cable from the yellow labeled LAN port on the OBi302 phone adapter box to the Ethernet port on the larger S-Box 7340 for TV service, thus running only one Ethernet cable from my AT&T modem/router instead of two. Does the yellow labeled Ethernet port on the OBi302 provide the same service that a direct connection to my AT&T modem/router provides or do you think it may be altered in some manner by passing through the OBi302?

It appears to me that the OBi302 is a phone adapter AND a router so I don't see why I cannot run a short Ethernet cable from the OBi302 yellow labeled LAN port directly to the larger S-Box 7340 for TV service. Both boxes will be located next to my TV in my living room. Will this work? I don't want to run two Ethernet cables from my AT&T modem/router because it is located appx. fifty feet away from my living room TV and I'm using a 75 ft. long Cat6a Shielded (SSTP/SFTP) Ethernet Cable. I know that this particular Ethernet cable is overkill but this is what I have decided to use. I know that I can connect the S-Box 7340 wirelessly to my AT&T modem/router but I want to use an Ethernet cable because a direct wire connection is always superior to a wireless signal. I'll buy another 75 ft. long Ethernet cable if necessary. I'm not worried about the cost.

Please let me know if you think the TV service will work if I connect the S-Box 7340 to the OBi302 IP phone adapter LAN port with a short Ethernet cable. I will run a second cable from my AT&T modem/router if this will not work. I have pictures of the two boxes but I don't see a way to upload them to this thread. You can forget about finding any pictures or information online about the S-Box 7340. It's made in China and I've been able to discover absolutely nothing about it after many searches.

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.

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Re: Connecting My italbb Equipment To My AT&T 3801HGV

Hello Sichuan,
Welcome back! Looks like the OBi302's LAN port acts as a bridge. In theory you should be able to do what you're wanting to do. It looks like this would be the best set-up since the OBi302 prioritizes VoIP traffic. 

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Re: Connecting My italbb Equipment To My AT&T 3801HGV

Hello again, julywashere,


Actually, I'm more concerned with the quality of the TV signal than I am convenience. I want to simply jump from the Obi to the S-Box if there will be no degradation of the TV signal but if I'll get a better TV picture by running a second Ethernet cable I'll do that. The S-Box will connect to my AT&T 3801HGV wirelessly but I prefer a wired connection at fifty feet or so.


Thanks again. I appreciate your assistance. You've been great.

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Re: Connecting My italbb Equipment To My AT&T 3801HGV

I don't think you should run into any issue (as both devices are Fast Ethernet - 100Mbits) and since they're relying on a connection to the internet that is, at most, 24Mbps. Even at half bandwidth they would have more than enough bandwidth available. That being said, as you stated, it's impossible trying to find any information on the S-Box so I can't, with a certainty, say you won't degrade quality. It seems all odds are in your favour, though.

Especially since the S-Box can be connected wirelessly on a regular wireless network, it doesn't seem to be such bandwidth intensive.
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Re: Connecting My italbb Equipment To My AT&T 3801HGV

Thanks again, julywashere. I've decided to run two Ethernet cables from my 3801 to the living room. I've ordered two more sets of these italkbb boxes. I'll put one set in my stepson's bedroom, which is in the room next to my 3801. I'll use his existing Ethernet desktop connection for the S-Box and then connect his desktop wirelessy. I'll then put the third set in the same bedroom as the 3801 and use that desktop's Ethernet connection for the S-Box and run the desktop wirelessly. All three TVs are HD and I want to get the best picture possible. The 3801 puts out an excellent wireless signal so the two desktops won't suffer with that type of connection. I won't need the other two OBi302 boxes because I'll be using a second Panasonic cordless 3 unit 6.0 phone system for the italk China calls. Hopefully, my two Panasonic cordless phone systems won't interfere with each other. Both phone systems will operate from base stations in the living room, or I may decide to put the second base station in one of the bedrooms. I'll keep the two extra OBi302 boxes for spares.


I hope the 3801 and the three S-Boxes won't need any configuration changes. Two of my wife's friends use italk and they simply plugged in their phone adapters and Obi boxes and everything worked almost immediately, with no configuration changes to any of the boxes or their modem/routers, which I guess is what UPnP is all about. They also have AT&T, although they aren't using the 3801HGV models.


I'll leave this thread open until I get everything up and running in the event I need to come back here for more assistance. I'm like a bad dream. I just keep coming back. Thanks again for the excellent assistance. I appreciate it very much.


By the way, I've linked to a picture of the S-Box 7340 so you can see what the back of it looks like. Like you, I cannot find any reference to it online. As you can see, it can also use a wireless connection, although I haven't attached the antenna.

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