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Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.


Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Not sure what topic this really goes under, but since about the middle of September, my PS3 consoles stopped allowing me to play certain games online. Specifically, I can't host game sessions. I can join other player's game sessions, I can sign into the PlayStation Network, browse the internet on the PS3, watch YouTube, etc., but I can't host co-op game sessions. I can't even host chat sessions on the PS3. It's been getting frustrating to have to tell my online friends that I can't invite them and that they have to invite me since I'm having internet problems. Every time I try hosting a game or a chat session, it takes forever to create the session and then comes back with the message "Failed to create session" or an error code/message (8002231D) "Connection to the server timed out" depending on the game. This happens with all of my Resident Evil games that have online co-op, as well as Soul Calibur V.


I have been with AT&T Uverse for several years using a wireless connection to play online games and I've never had an intermittent issue like this before. Again, this just happened abruptly around the middle of last month and it has remained this way ever since. I have a laptop that connects to the WiFi just fine.


One thing I know of is that I visited a friend's home and tested out hosting a co-op session from their ISP (They have Xfinity Comcast) and it worked perfectly!


I don't know what's been causing it, so I performed many troubleshooting steps in hopes of correcting the problem and nothing has worked.


I've contacted Sony PlayStation support about it, and after troubleshooting with them, they resolved that it was my ISP

I attempted troubleshooting with Capcom support which they also resolved was my ISP

I have tried setting up a static IP address or putting it into a DMZ.

I have attempted port forwarding.

I tried making configuration changes to the WiFi in the router via other forum posts

I have tried connecting my PS3 directly to the modem to rule out wireless interference

I have rebooted my modem.

I have even factory reset it.


I have contacted At&T technical support 3 times last month and they couldn't seem to help me. They once transferred me over to ConnecTech who only wanted me to pay them to get this issue resolved.


I tried AT&T support chat again just yesterday and they said they have detected an issue in the line, going on to say that it is related to the network and that they would send out a service technician to fix it. The technician was supposed to arrive between 4PM and 8PM, it is now going on 9:20 PM and no one has been here.


Is it possible that a line issue can simply prevent hosting online co-op sessions? Like I said, I can join other player's games, I can connect to the internet, use the YouTube XL, browse the internet and connect to the PlayStation Network just fine. I just can't host sessions. This is very annoying and I'm getting exhausted troubleshooting this every weekend I have off. It'd just be nice to enjoy my days off being able to play online.


It is my understanding that there's experts on this board that can possibly help with this problem, or can point me in the right direction for troubleshooting so I can contact AT&T support again.


Once more, I have AT&T Uverse, I have a NVG589 Arris Modem/Router, and I have two PS3 consoles that both can't host co-op game sessions online. I don't have TV or phone services through AT&T.


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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

I'm having the exact same problem. My best friend (who also has AT&T) and I can't co-op together anymore. We can't even get invaded in Dark Souls because that counts as being a "host" and it doesn't work. Did your technician ever show up? Were they able to fix the problem?

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Nope. The technician never did show up. I even checked the technician's status via a link the chat agent gave me where it says that they seemed to have missed my appointment, but will be arriving as soon as they can. I'm going to give them a call in the morning and complain. I'm not surprised, though. I've moved a couple of times in the last several years and both places I moved to required an AT&T technician to come out and install the lines. At the place I'm currently living, I was without internet for almost a week when I moved in. Several complaints finally got technician to come over! Then they have the audacity to try and charge me installation fees!


I appreciate being informed that I'm not the only one having this problem, and I'm truly sorry you're going through the same thing as me. It brings me to understand that AT&T has definitely done something in the last month or so. I found a few complaints of the same problem from a different website (something about PSN problems even though some of the issues weren't related to the PlayStation Network) where a few people complained that they had AT&T and couldn't host games online. One lady said she called AT&T and the rep she spoke with told her that they had recently made updates to their firewall. Later on, that lady mentioned she was going to switch to Xfinity internet because the AT&T rep was trying to get her to buy something to fix the issue!


The agent I spoke with said he had detected "line issues" at my house and even double checked to assure me that it was a network problem, further assuring me that the technician will fix the problem once and for all. I see how that worked out...he didn't even bother showing up!


As I said in the initial post, I tried hosting games at my friend's house and I was able to host with no problems because my friend uses Xfinity.


Anyway, once I get someone out here to fix the alleged "line issues" I will definitely post to let you know what happens!

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Okay, the AT&T technician came by this afternoon. Obviously there were no line issues as claimed by one of the chat agents. He checked everything, but according to him, everything I explained to him was "beyond his knowledge as a technician".


He couldn't do anything to help me whatsoever. He sounded as if he may have suggested it was either PSN or the console itself. I don't believe either of those theories because I have two PS3 consoles and both of them cannot host co-op games. It's weird that they both stopped hosting online games at the same time.It works on a different ISP like Xfinity though and right now...switching to a different ISP sounds a lot better than dealing with this crap right now. This has been going on for almost a month. It randomly stopped allowing me to host sessions online and now that I see other people are having the same issues, it's sounding more and more like AT&T's problem. Not one technical support chat agent could help me despite their knowledge, nor could every single agent tell me what's going on. What hand doesn't know what the other hand's doing.


Take today for example, when I contacted someone to complain about the tech missing his appointment, they told me they didn't find any alleged "line issues" at my house whereas a previous agent said there was. It sounds too much like I'm getting the runaround here. They don't want to dig in and find out what's wrong because that would require a lot of work on their part. They're much more concerned with pestering you into buying something to get the problem fixed instead--that way they can make more money off of their customers. That's just my opinion, though.


I've been with AT&T for years and now I'm not getting my full money's worth. I'm paying close to $50 a month for service and all of a sudden I can't host games anymore? So strange. I bet I could pay that same amount with another ISP and be able to host games like I can at my friend's house. I swear this is total crap...

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Ugh. Thanks very much for keeping me posted, and I'm sorry that you weren't able to get this resolved. I know that you already talked to Playstation/Sony customer service, but I'm thinking of trying them again, because chances are they've heard this complaint a few more times since then and they may have figured out what to do about it, or at least what to tell AT&T if something needs to be done on their end. So far every interaction I've had with Sony customer service over the years has been stellar, so if anyone has a possible solution that doesn't involve me changing ISPs, I bet it would be them.


If they have any hope or advice to offer, I'll let you know.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Thanks. I appreciate you letting me know if you end up get it resolved with PlayStation.


What I did with PlayStation support was that they gave me ports to give to an AT&T rep for them to open in my router, which I have done on multiple occasions by myself. They initially had me check my internet speeds via the network settings on the PS3 console and they said that everything was suitable.


Yeah, I agree. It would be very, very nice not to have to switch ISPs...it just that it sounds like it's a big problem with AT&T since I'm able to host co-op games at my friend's house. So frustrating.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Well, I got someone actually nice and (seemingly) competent on AT&T support chat and she said that there is a ticket open to fix this problem and that internal management has been notified. I asked her for a Twitter status post or something that I could check for updates and she said there isn't anything like that but that she would make sure I was notified when it was fixed. So, yay? At least she didn't just tell me to reset my router...

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

That's great news! Hopefully it gets resolved as soon as possible!


I just got through a chat session with PlayStation support and explained every single troubleshooting step I have attempted. They said that, based on my answers, they honestly believe it is my ISP (AT&T) as the PS support agent I spoke with personally had to switch ISPs just to get the problem fixed for himself (although he neglected to mention whether or not he, too, was using AT&T).


I was literally on the verge of switching, but it seems like there may actually be light at the end of the tunnel!


Thank you for the update! Please do continue to keep me posted if your problem gets fixed!

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

 Im down here in Florida with ATT Uverse and I am having the exact to the letter issue that you are having.  I even did EVERY single troubleshooting you have done from working with port forwarding and DMZ to getting an agent to factory reset my router and even give me a different brand of router.  I have not been able to play Dragon's Crown (PS3) for over a month despite all the troubleshooting I've done.  The only thing that worked, was what you tried, I went to another friends house and hooked up my ps3 to their router which was Spectrum I think, and I had O Problems.  I'ma keep an eye on this thread and share my knowledge as well if I come up with something.  I hope we all find a fix soon.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

I'm very appreciative of your post. It helps to get feedback from others suffering the same problem as it contributes to what I will be writing below. However, I'm sorry to hear this is also an inconvenience in Florida. I would like to encourage anyone else to come forward if they are experiencing the same issue.


As eekay182 said above about talking with someone competent in AT&T's chat support and that the support agent said there's a ticket open for the issue -- I, too, spoke with a chat agent just a few days ago and (strangely enough) the agent I got seemed to have an idea of what was going on: Apparently, there is some kind of "bug" that has been an ongoing problem in several states and their "specialists" are working to get this bug fixed, or so I am told...


I was asked to check back with them in a week and they gave me a case number to refer to along with notes they said they put on my account. I will post updates as they become available.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Thank you so much for the update! That's very reassuring to have confirmation that the problem is recognized and being addressed. I'm jealous that you got a case number and I didn't Smiley Wink, but I trust that you'll keep us posted. Or if you'd like some backup for the following-up process, feel free to share the case number with me and I'll be glad to assist.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Not a problem! Smiley Happy I'll definitely be sure to keep everyone up to date until this problem it's finally fixed and would greatly appreciate/encourage that everyone here also post what helped fix their issue should theirs get resolved before mine.


I decided to go ahead and follow up with AT&T support earlier this evening in contrast with the case number and the agent I got didn't seem to characterize much detail from my previous chat. It appeared as though the former agent made very little effort putting notes down in my account as I was told, so I guess the case number really isn't a factor anymore.


Anyway, the support agent suggested that I have my modem replaced. It's going to cost me $7, (though I find it silly I should be paying anything to fix something like this) but it's not a bad price if this works out in the end. I needed more information and for obvious reasons being that all prior troubleshooting steps have ruled out many potential problems in this process of elimination. Here is a snippet of my chat with the agent tonight:



Agent : I understand your concern completely, yes is see that "bug" in the AT&T network was cleared.
Agent : I will send out a technician to your place to fix this issue once and for all and he will replace the modem. Do you agree and want to select an Appointment Window?
Me : A technician has already visited my home a week or so ago and told me he couldn't fix something like this.
Agent : Did he replace the modem?
Me : No. He only checked the modem and the router and said everything appeared to be working fine. He couldn't figure out what was causing the problem and couldn't offer any help. He never once mentioned that my modem may have needed replacing.
Agent : Alright. I will replace the new (latest) modem to fix this issue.
Me : What could be causing the problem in my modem?
Agent : It may be an issue with the software terminals inside the modem.

Me : What causes the software terminals to create something as subtle as not being able to "host" online co-op games?
Agent : Due to some power fluctuations the internal software may lose the nano terminals which helps the modem to host the games. So this new modem will support all the game consoles and also this modem will control all the power fluctuations, so that you will not face any issues in the future. Please be rest assured about it.
Agent : Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Me : Please be aware that I can connect my PS3 both wired and wirelessly with zero problems. I can join my friends' gaming sessions, sign into PlayStation Network, browse online, etc., but can not host my own games or chat sessions. Again, everything else on the PS3 connects to the internet just fine, but when I try to host a game in order to invite a friend, it always fails to connect.
Agent : I understand that completely, the same thing happened to my neighbor recently our AT&T agent had replaced the modem and his issue was fixed


Either the bug still remains, or it's completely nonexistent at this point. Furthermore, it leaves me doubting whether or not there's really a problem going on in AT&T's network. I've mentioned in one of my above posts that I felt I've been getting the runaround, so I'm doubting this as well, but out of the many agents I've spoken with, they all seem to keep coming back with the same solutions and many of those solutions are across the web on various forums where people have had success with

-Factory resetting their modems

-Changing their WiFi password

-Turning off Media Sharing in their game consoles

-Turning off their router firewall

-Creating a brand new PSN account

-Port forwarding


-Connecting directly to their modem

-Assigning static IP addresses to their game console/router

-Having technicians come to their homes and/or ultimately replacing their modem.


The latter of all the above is the only thing I have not yet tried and so the agent already placed an order for me, adding that my new modem will be arriving in the mail in 2-3 business days. I'm really not sure what to do if this replacement doesn't help, but I figured it was worth a shot since all else failed. Now, because of my doubting over it being an AT&T network issue, a new question arises: Is it possible there's a major coincidence going on here? Could it be possible that all of our modems simultaneously went bad with their "software terminals"?


Just to put it out there--I've had my current modem for 3 years, so we'll see how this new modem goes...

I'll post back after I've tested it and on the same day it arrives.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Well, I got my new modem today, hooked it up and whaddya know--absolutely NOTHING at all. What a complete bummer and a waste of $7 (I have a paper trail if the $7 thing turns out to be a lie). This was a last resort and now all of my troubleshooting options are spent.


I've been going around and around with AT&T and they can't seem to help unless I pay for their advanced technical support team "ConnecTech" subscription to get the issue fixed at either $15 a month for 12 months, or some kind of $49 One Time support subscription thing... I almost considered taking one of these options, but I just can't pay out money to get something fixed that was originally available at no extra cost. All ISPs are like this and that is why it was a fully functioning feature on Xfinity at my friend's house.

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

I am also one of the people who have has had this problem too. I usually play on 2 Video Game Systems PS4 and PS3, Yeah for some reason it's weird why it does not let Users host games using AT&T U Verse on PS3 anymore. Because whenever I play on the PS4 everything works fine and smooth (It lets me host games using a internet connection from AT&T). In My area theres is only 2  Internet Providers.. Windstream Communications and AT&T U-Verse. But the problem is I've had Windstream before and their Internet Service is a lot more terrible. However my at my friend's house they have Windstream and my PS3 works fine over there too (It lets me host games and Create Text chats on PS3). But I'm just hoping this bug/glitch gets fixed soon hopefully. I'll keep you guys updated too on this post. 


Thank You 

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Re: Can't host PS3 games or chat sessions online. Please help.

Thanks for letting us know and we will appreciate any updates should they arise!


If I read this correctly, you said that your PS3 online game hosting/text chats work with different internet service provider, but not with AT&T. What makes this particularly interesting is that you said your PS4 will allow you to host online games through AT&T. This is definitely very strange. I am inclined to try and look into this, so I appreciate the information very much.


I'd really hate to think that AT&T would just stop supporting PS3 for whatever reason.

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