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Can't Access Printer From Secondary Router

Can't Access Printer From Secondary Router

I have my Brother MFC-420CN printer plugged into the U-Verse 3801HGV RG.  If I connect my computers wirelessly to the RG, I can access my printer with no issues.  However, to slightly improve my wireless speed, I plugged my CradlePoint N router into the RG and connected my computers wirelessly to the CradlePoint router.  Then, I disabled the RG's wireless signal to prevent any interference.  That seemed to be working great until today, I discovered I could not access my printer.  It's not a big deal because I can remove the CradlePoint router, but I would like to keep it if possible.  Is there some setting on the RG I need to change?

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Re: Can't Access Printer From Secondary Router

This is just a wild thought....because I've never owned a Brother printer nor used a secondary wireless router other than the one in my RG.....but is it possible that you need to re-run your printer installation app. on each PC so it can find the printer in its new location?  When I installed my wireless HP printer and installed the software on each laptop the installation app. automatically located the printer and established connection with it.  Very easy.  This may be of no help to you but I just thought I'd throw it out there.   Perhaps one of our better versed gurus will jump in here with a better suggestion.

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Re: Can't Access Printer From Secondary Router

Thanks, but I just found a long thread about how to properly run a secondary router as an access point behind the RG.  I'll try that tomorrow and see if that solves the problem.  Otherwise, it may not be worth fooling with.  I already removed my CradlePoint router and connected my computers back to the RG via wireless.

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Re: Can't Access Printer From Secondary Router



See post #13 by SomeJoe7777.  I followed steps 1 and 2.  IP addresses were OK as was.  I also disabled wireless signal from the U-Verse RG.  Everything seems to be working great.  I have all my wired devices connected to the RG and all my wireless devices connected to my CradlePoint N router.  Thanks Joe for all the good information.

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