Can I still update my personal web page


Can I still update my personal web page

I was told ATT would continue to support existing personal web pages, but now I cannot update my page.  When I type in new text and attempt to save the changes, I get a 404 error.  I know I updated my page September of 2012, not sure if I have done it since.  How can I edit my page now?

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Re: Can I still update my personal web page

Hello, essm

I apologize about the lack of information you were provided. The AT&T Personal Webpage has been discontinued as of September 12, 2012. All existing pages prior to that will continue to be supported.

AT&T personal web pages site:

The other options I was able to find are these

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Re: Can I still update my personal web page

All AT&T personal web pages are being discontinued on 12/4/2013. Of course, AT&T will be glad to support your web page for $10 per month plus taxes, fees and anything else they can think of to tack onto your bill.
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