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BGW210 WPS disabling


BGW210 WPS disabling

I just got the bgw210 modem/router and can not find where to disable wps so I can use mac filtering. Help please?

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‎12-30-2017 6:35 PM

Re: BGW210 WPS disabling

I found it.

They spelled it out as I was looking for "wps". Its right below the "confirm password" box in "Home Network" > "Wi-Fi" Smiley Embarassed

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Re: BGW210 WPS disabling

well ---- that's not really the full solution according to the error message I'm getting.

I'm looking how to disable WPS on a specific MAC address because of the below error "suggestion"

I went to black list a MAC address but get this error when I press SAVE:
             You must disable WPS on an SSID in order to use MAC address filtering on that SSID
How do I do that ??
If you were successful in filtering out specific MAC address can you send me steps / screen-shots please?
Thanks, Jim
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Re: BGW210 WPS disabling

I assume it would be the same way I did it, except I only allow certain mac's to come in and all other mac's can't.

If I remember right, you can do it either way by going to the page in the modem/router I stated above. Disable mac filtering, then click the block button, then put the mac in, then hit save.

But I think you have to leave wps disabled afterwards.


In the meantime I will try to find my password again and take a lookSmiley Embarassed

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Re: BGW210 WPS disabling

My son - a real wiz kid proposes a different solution.



Scroll to the bottom and select ADD A DROP RULE





Then ADD MATCH and enter the MAC address.


You've successfully blocked MAC addresses from your Wi-Fi router.


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Re: BGW210 WPS disabling

Go to Home Network tab > Wifi Tab > Click "Advanced Options" > then look for "Wi-Fi Protected Setup," set dropdown box to "off" > Save Changes.  


Disable WPS.jpg

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