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BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown


BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown

I have successfully configured my new BGW-210 to use the IP passthrough feature so I can use my own router (ASUS RT-AC1750).  The functionality is there no problem (I can access my internal network and the internet just fine), but the speeds are slowing down from over 900mbps to around 500mpbs.  I've verified that the firewall and the wifi of the modem are both turned off.  I've also verified my LAN speeds are not bottlenecked by my router (getting around 900mbps no problem from one computer to another).  Using the same computer, wired, through the modem is fine, but simply switching the cable to go through my router slows it down by 400mbps.


Any successes with maintaining gbps speeds through the IP Passthrough feature?


Danny G

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‎01-29-2019 5:24 AM

Re: BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown

After scouring the internet again and re-reading everything I could find, I decided to try an idea I saw in one of the forums...set up my own router in Access Point mode.  This ended up being a better option that I was originally expecting.  The end result was that 1) all wired traffic gets the expected 940mbps+, and 2) I get to use all ports in both devices.


For anybody else who looks for a solution, here's what I did:

  1. Reset the ATT device (BGW-210 modem) to factory settings
  2. Disable all wi-fi
  3. Restart it
  4. Plug whichever ethernet cables you want into it, but including your own router
  5. Log onto router and change it to Access Point mode
    • Mine asked if I wanted to keep all wi-fi configurations, so I did
  6. Restart router
  7. Plug whatever ethernet cables you want into it

Speed tests are now showing full speed through the router and modem alike.  I had to reconfigure my static IPs and port-forwarding in the modem, but that's a one-time config task, and well worth it to keep the gbps speeds and double my port availability.


Danny G.

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Re: BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown

May I ask what router did you use and basically the only reason im thinking of obtaining a rourer/access point is to plug into my BGW210 (Modem/gateway/router) and allow my wifi speeds to be faster and increased distance due to only being able to get in the 200s however my old provider spectrum I could get 400 through there modem and separate router equipment. If my BGW210 is wired i get 900s

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Re: BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown

I have read in other forums that turning on QOS can limit wired speeds. If you try connecting it as a router again, try turning off QOS. In access point mode, is your router iworking as a gigabit switch for wired?

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Re: BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown

Mine's an ASUS RT-AC1750.  I'm still getting 900+ wired through their modem/router and mine both.

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Re: BGW-210 IP Passthrough speed slowdown

My QoS was definitely turned off, and I don't expect to need with with gbps internet speed.


And yes, in AP mode, my router's wi-fi and wired ports are all working.  That's what I was referring to in my original response/solution about doubling my ports.

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