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Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects


Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects

Every time I lose connection for any reason whatsoever I get redirected to this stupid diagnostics page.  It tells me I am missing phone filters although I have no phone service and no phones.  I have one phone jack in the house connected directly to the gateway as per AT&T instructions.


Once I am redirected it will never go away.  I've clicked the "Do Not Show Again" button which does absolutely nothing.


Only way to get rid of it is to clear all my cookies and browser history.  This wouldn't be such a big problem if I didn't lose connection at least once a day.  I happened to be dropping repeatedly tonight and the rage this redirect causes me is unbearable.  Please tell me there is a way to disable it?

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Re: Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects



I'm using Vista-64 & Chrome.  The NVG510 router BREAKS my bookmarks by appending "\CGI-BIN\Redirect.ha" to every click links to the domain.  The router has messed up links for Youtube, Craigslist, Ebay etc.  


Your fix of deleting cookies is the fix

I was forced to give up my 2Wire 2701HG which is obviously a superior piece of equipment.


This Motorola-ATT piece of junk won't allow custom DNS settings and also reveils the WIFI password and local attached hardware with out password protection.  Very unfortunate we are forced to pay money for this garbage







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Clearing Cache is temporary - this is a thorough solution by modifying the router software

The video is a little bit technical (you need a telnet client) but it gets the job done perfectly and AT&T's idiotic redirection script will never show up again.

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Re: Clearing Cache is temporary - this is a thorough solution by modifying the router software

I think what everyone is missing is the purpose of the redirect.  I have been dealing with this nightmare for quite some time and have researched this issue.  Everyone that is complaining of this issue of having their internet disconnected and then having their browsers redirected have had their routers hacked.  This is why customer service is so flaky and will reset your internet connection when you try to talk to them about the problem.  


First Uverse customers have their routers hacked.  The 10 digit wireless network key the router comes with is probably hacked within an hour of uverse customers setting their service up.  Then when their browsers are redirected to addresses with redirect.ha at the end, their browsers are hijacked.  Every device connected to the router is then hacked.  I unfortunately have 4 devices connected to my router.


This means that every customer that has had this happen to them has had their computers and all of their personal information compromised.  All of your credit card numbers, account numbers, e-mail addresses and passwords, children's photos etc are at risk.  The PURPOSE OF THE REDIRECT IS TO HIJACK your computers.  Clearing your cookies and cache will stop the redirects but by then its too late from a security standpoint.  


It has been a nightmare dealing with ATT about this issue as every customer who has experienced this knows.  I have talked to and chatted with at least 20 customer service reps who have all given me the run around.  When you start asking educated questions, they will usually disconnect you by resetting your router and disconnecting you from the internet.  ATT is the absolute worst internet/wireless provider I have ever experienced.  I'm sure that ATT is fully aware of this problem but believe their customers are suckers who unable to understand what is going on.

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Re: Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects

Seaside what are you talking about? The NAD2902 message let's users know there is a very real issue either with their equipment or line. This typically means high FECs. If your line looks perfect, you'll never encounter a redirect. All rg's from at&t have wireless encryption (WPA/2) enabled from the moment they are booted up which is standard WiFi security. It's not like WEP that can get cracked in 10s.
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Re: Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects

do a search for .ha in your browser history and delete all instances found
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Re: Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects

I'm having this problem currently.  I hate having to delete everything.  There's a reason I DON'T delete my history and cookies and stuff daily.  It makes life so much easier.  


It's happening on both my MacBook and iPhone.  Last night the guy basically told me I'm out of luck and need to reset Safari on my MacBook.  Then I found out iPhone was goofed up as well.  I'm on the phone with them and going to bug them until they find a work around.  I am NOT deleting cookies and data on iPhone.  I tried clearning the history and it did not help. 

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Re: Anyway to disable NVG510 redirects

It is a remarkable that a piece of crap company like AT&T was able to get a near monopoly with garbage products and garbage service.  I would suggest all problems with them be entered as FCC and FTC complaints on line.  Flood them and maybe the Trump Administration will dismantle them as was done in the past! First thing is to get rid of all the lobbyists and crooked members of legislatures at the State and Federal that AT&T paid off to get where they are!  Certainly DID NOT  get there there with great products, great customer service and the protected gouge for all their serivices.  AT&T deserves to be dismantled.

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