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Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

Yesterday I decided to figure out how to use another router as a switch to plugin my HTPC to the network. What I originally did was take a router and connected the main uverse stb and the HTPC to the router. This worked great except for 2 things. 1 - I couldn't connect to the DVR from other STB's in the house and 2 - Since this router was on another subnet (192.168.2.*) I couldn't connect to my HTPC from a computer connected to the 2Wire (3800HGV-B) although I could connect to my PC from my HTPC.


After reading instructions ( I unplugged the cat 5 cable from the WAN port on the router and plugged it into a LAN port, disabled DHCP, and everything works perfectly. I'm now able to communicate with my HTPC from my PC and I can see the 2wire is assigning IPs to the devices on the additional router.


Here's the problem. Every 10 minutes or so the TV loses signal. It basically freezes and If I don't change the channel, the blue screen comes up saying the signal was lost. If I change the channel, and change it back, the blue screen never comes up and there's basically no interuption aside from the few seconds I missed.


Any ideas on what I can do to fix the cutting in/out problems?

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Re: Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

theseanstewart - I believe you do not want to mix TV and PC on the same router. First choice is all TVs go back to RG. IF you cannot do that use one router for TVs & another for PCs.
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Re: Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

Originally I was using the main DVR and another TV connected to the router, but it was assigning IP's to the STBs on its own. Everything was working great. The only reason I wanted to change it was to be able to connect to the HTPC from my computer that was directly connected to the RG. Another problem was that the TV in my office (also connected to the RG) was not able to browse the DVR, but that wasn't really a huge deal.

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Re: Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

After you turned DHCP off on your router, did you reboot the DVR and all STBs to clear them of any IP addressing data that your router may have handed out? Do this first and report back.

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Re: Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

Yes I did try that but it didn't work.


Last night I decided to switch out the D-Link router for an older Linksys one and it solved the problem. I'm not sure if it's some software on the D-Link that was causing the problems or if it was hardware failure. But everything works fine right now and we haven't lost signal since the change.


For those of you trying to get a switch working with the RG, I followed these instructions: I was given advice on this forum that the STBs must be connected directly to the RG, but that's not the case. I have 2 STBs and a HTPC connected to the switch and it works flawlessly.

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Re: Added router as switch - TVs now randomly lose signal

Cool, glad that switching out the hardware fixed the problem.

Yes, you can always connect STBs/DVR to a suitable switch (or router when used as a switch), although higher performance switches are recommended. What you can't do is place the STBs/DVR behind a router that is in routing mode.
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