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ATT router NVG510 settings HELP


ATT router NVG510 settings HELP

Is it possible to set a daily time period for no internet access?  My kids are online ALL NIGHT LONG and into the morning.  I would like to set the unit for no internet access from midnight until 4am.

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Re: ATT router NVG510 settings HELP

If they'er connecting wireless you can set a time on / off for the wireless router


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Re: ATT router NVG510 settings HELP

They are hard wired to the router.  Any other ideas?  Also, where are the settings you mentioned?

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Re: ATT router NVG510 settings HELP

No, and even if you used a third party router that had these features, you would have to make sure that they did not know the new passphrase that you set for the NVG510, or had access to it, to reset it, to allow access.

Parenting skills is what I always tell people, that works in making sure the kids know the rules, the adults are in charge, their gadgets are a privilege and can be taken away at a moment's notice.

Set the ground rules, remind them who is in charge, and at a certain time of night, until they get used to the rules of the house, their gadgets get placed in your possession, and the network is shut down, until the adults in charge of the rules, allow them to have the privilege.
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