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AT&T remote access to routers?


AT&T remote access to routers?



2Wire router firmaware was recently upgraded (GUI is different) and there has never been an option for me to do so. Also AT&T has reset our router while on the phone with my before. This makes me wonder...


Does AT&T have remote access to UVerse/DSL routers?

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Re: AT&T remote access to routers?

Yes, all AT&T U-Verse routers are tied into their management system. The management system has full control over each router.
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Re: AT&T remote access to routers?

I thought so.


Anyone is security conscious should install a router behind their 2Wire.

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Re: AT&T remote access to routers?

The 2WIRE gateway won't bridge, so adding another router could potentially have negative impacts on your internet browsing speed. 

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Re: AT&T remote access to routers?

After installing a Linksys WRT54GL router behind a 2Wire i138HG everything worked but the latency (ping) was so high and internet so slow that couldn't use this method.

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Re: AT&T remote access to routers?

Adding to this. Port 7547 is always open on a NVG589. Probably a backdoor in for ATT.

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