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AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)


AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

I'm looking for third party AT&T DSL compatible modems could someone provide me a list?

Searching I found two that may or may not be compatible can you tell me if they are:
NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi DSL Modem Router ADSL2+ Gigabit Ethernet (DGND3700)

AT&T DSL Compatible Modem/Routers
TP-LINK TD-W8980 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router, 2.4GHz 300Mbps+5Ghz 300Mbps, 2 USB Ports for File Sharing, IPv6 Compatible ($85)

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Maybe you have a bad modem? Besides my one drop before I had upgraded the router firmware mine has been solid (knock on wood).

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

I do not know if this will help anyone but I owned a 6yr old Netgear modem/(wireless) router combo that worked great up until the end. Easy setup and maintenance and a storng signal out to about 300+ ft. It finally gave up and I replaced it with a Netgear DGMD3700v@ modem/wireless router. It was basically the new version of the old one. I could not get it to link up, I could not change any passwords or logins, and it refused to update. I was on the phone with netgear (india) for three hours. Got it linked to the net but still would not update and could not change any logins/password and i realized that the signal dropped away after about 40ft. The girl in India said to take it back. The replacement did the same thing and the guy in india said to take it back and get a different model. I did one better I took it back, went to another store, picked up a stand-a-lone modem and a stand-a-lone Linksys router. With in an hour, and a 5minute call to india, I was up and running. Signal strength out to at least 200ft (have not tried further), easy set up, and I can make changes from anywhere from my smartphone. I have DSL so the netgear modem was the only DSL modem I could find that was sold locally. The Linksys router is the EZ6100 Ac1200. The only issue is that my wireless ID is three words but the linksys only send out the first word. Odd but I can live with it.  

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Wrote a 2 page disseration of problems I was having and the internet locked up as I tried to post it and lost everything.


The short story is that I'm having problems with my TPlink solution that sometimes requires a modem reboot or some times a router reboot.  


Very frustrating.

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Ncguy77 did you try talking to TP-Link support? They initially helped me with setting up both modem & router... they were great I never even delt with AT&T! I think I've called them three times in all (two to just ask questions) and always got to speak to English speaking tech help.

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Spoke too soon. The new Netgear modem started acting up last night. Would not recognize the net. Said it was not hooked up. Called Netgear (india) and they could not figure it out and said that my DSL might be down because of a bad storm that day. Called ATT. The said that the line was good all the way to the modem but the logs show that the modem has been disconnecting 4 or more times a day since it was installed. I did not know since my wife and I are not home until the afternoon. The ATT tech support walked me through a reset of the modem even though it was not theirs. She spent about 30 to 45 minutes with me. Finally she said she was going to send me a new router at no cost and it would be here in less than 48hrs. This was a woman out of NC and not India so maybe that is the key. I will be heading back to Best Buy after work to return my third piece of equipment. I returned two Netgear DGND3700v2 modem/routers and now a Netgear DSL modem. I once had a Commander of my EOD unit on Ft Knox who drove a Yugo. We always made fun of him. Looking back, I would bet that his Yugo ran better back then then my internet does today.

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Ncguy77 did you try talking to TP-Link support?


Not yet.
I'm now writing a log of all the fails and LED lights and fixes to try to get some information for a productive phone call.


Have had 5 fails in the past 2 hours.


4 of the 5 corrected by a router power cycle on/off
        3 of those 4 had a INTERNET LED that would no longer blink

       1 of the 4 had blinking LAN and INTERNET LEDs but no browser access. Pretty whacked.


1 of the 5 was a pure ADSL link loss on the modem and it fixed itself with a self-initiated re-negotiate. (This error was immediately preceeded by the strange blinking LAN/Internet LED mentioned above)


It kinda appears like a defective router but as an engineer that seems too pat.... especially when I would characterize the broad nature of failures to be similar to the original ATT 2701 that caused me to embark on this whole mission of new gear in the first place.

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

BTW, got my question answered at TPLink that in fact once you put the DSL modem behind the router, the modem config page is not accesible.  With my rural location it sure would have been nice to have access to the modem config to kep tab of the signal quality.



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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

I must say, they do seem to think some questions sound like no one thought of it before, or simply can't bring themselves to admit, I don't know, never thought of it before.

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

9 internet lockups yesterday within 5 hours

3 lockups today within 4 hours


Lockup mainly defined as that neither LAN connected or wireless devices can access internet and there the "internet" LED on 8616 modem is dark and the GLOBE LED on router is solid ON.


A couple lockups had blinking "internet" LED on modem yet no internet access.  Thats pretty whacked.


Had a couple lockups that began with the modem ADSL LED going dark, then the modem renegotiates and the ADSL LED restores to solid ON but no internet traffic is possible. 


Recently discovered the disconnect/connect command on the router config web page and it fixed the issue on the last 3 failures that I tried it.  When a lockup occured, I went into the web page and the status is "connected" but regardless I click the DISCONNECT request and then the CONNECT request and internet access resumes. 





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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Just want to clarify that the CONNECT / DISCONNECT commands was under the NETWORK > WAN config sub-page

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Sounds like a nightmare, ncguy. Is the modem/router a new arrangement or one that has been in use for some time? Is this a recent change in your LAN performance or has your service never performed satisfactorily? You really should post separately from McCoady's question to avoid confusion. 


OK, while you gather your trouble history (I'm assuming you are looking for help) keep this in mind, keep your terms straight, LAN refers to everything from your modem up to your desktop or the device in your hand. The 'line' side led's of your modem tracks the DSL connection and the Internet. The LAN side led's track your Ethernet connection and your wireless connections. Draw this out to help you keep track and isolate where the trouble appears to be:

        Internet --->DSL--->Modem--->Router--->Device--->wired & wireless



OK, the frequency of failures is not as important as the nature of failure. Check the obvious, cable and power connections must be secure and tight, any patterns (time of day, etc.), and what you are doing when the trouble occurs (streaming, surfing, email, etc.) are helpful. 


A description like:

  • I was downloading a large file using my wireless connected laptop when the screen appeared to freeze and the download activity stopped.
  • My laptop has an led that shows connectivity which indicated a good connection to the router.
  • The router had good led indications for power, LAN, wireless, Ethernet but the DSL and Internet leds were red.
  • I have been able to download without problems until a week ago when downloads started freezing especially at night when I use this laptop on this LAN.


Maybe this approach on a new post will get you better results. Good luck!


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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Thanks AKAmoog for chiming in.


I believe I nderstand the network topology and I'm using the actual LED names on the various devices.  It probably would  have been better for me  to say that the lockouts were experienced by both wireless and WIRED devices (rather than LAN devices) .


I'll start a new thread when I get any kind of hint of some kind of triggering event. Right now the errors seem to occur with just general browsing and not related to wireless or wired activity specifically.  I've already double and triple checked cables.  I may also try to run without router and see if I can get errors just with modem to PC.


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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Learn how to configure your router to work with your AT&T DSL modem at: http://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/dsl-high-speed/KM1044640.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

Avoid Aris nvgs99. I have had yet another technician out here b/c of this so called best modem. The diagnostics they AT&T perform show it's working fine but, this so far has been the 9th net error since they were out at 4pm saterday yesterday. Net disconnect, Dns error, refresh on web pages even on search seem to fix it only to occur again a few moments later. There was some other flash dns error but, couldn't screen shot it in time. The last one we had sure it reset at least once a night or two times a night but, at least didn't drop the connection this much. It's been a real nightmare *if your a pc gamer* Seems to work all magical like when a technician is here but, not even a few minutes after she left yesterday Bam! net disconnection error. I don't understand this technical stuff so I don't know how to approach it. I know how to do basic stuff like clear cookies, run virus scans and check error logs but, that's pretty much it. It's so fustrating. I want to smash it and then grill it but, won't b/c not mine. So, that's why here to look for uverse compatible modems with decent reviews. I don't know really how to show facial expressions but, this is absolutely fustrating. I would have gone to timewarner but, thier modems are far worse and like to blame everything but, their modem. AT&T at least try's to fix things.

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Re: AT&T DSL Compatible Modems (Third Party)

I realize the last post was almost a year ago, but I wanted to add a few remarks.


The Netgear DGND3700 had two models; the older one would drop the DSL line and never attempt to restore the connection. If your DGND3700 works better than that, you probably have the later model. My DGND3700 was the older one, and by the time I discovered that I could return it for a newer one it was out of warranty/service, so I keep it as a non-DSL-but-very-fast router.


I replaced it with the DGND4000, which is an updated model of the DGND3700 that has never had the dropped-DSL issue and does all the latest 802.11 letters. I run two guest lans for my wife to do her work and...most importantly, it connects over the ADSL2+ to my Hurricane IPv6 tunnel. When I selected the type of IPv6 connection I selected "auto", which gave me a 6in4 connection. As of...a few weeks ago, I don't know whether AT&T YET supports IPv6 native over DSL, but I don't have the DSL dropout issue any more.

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