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Re: 802.11N Gateway?


802.11N Gateway?

It's been what, 4 years now for uVerse? 802.11N is now a fully ratified standard, and has been for years. Most every laptop, tablet, and cellphone is now shipping with built in 802.11N support. 802.11AC draft gear should start shipping this fall! I think most of us are sick and tired of having to put a second wireless router behind our 2Wire router for uVerse, and then not be able to use all the neat new WiFi remote apps for our cellphone's, including the most recent uVerse app. Seriously, it's time for AT&T to defecate or get off the pot and release either an 802.11N gateway, or an 802.11AC draft gateway. When can we expect to see AT&T make this very minor technological update and join the rest of us in the 21st Century?

Enquiring minds want to know...
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Re: 802.11N Gateway?

Yep.  Six months and no reply nor discussion from AT&T on this.  It speaks volumes.  There was a great SNL sketch with Lilly Tomlin back in the very first year of the show as an AT&T operator.  The tagline for the spoof commercial?  "We're the phone company.  We don't care.  We don't have to."  Nothing has changed, and that mentality still pervades the ivory towers of AT&T's corporate office where they no longer will allow their customers to call and speak to either their executives or their assisstants.  When you start having to hide from your own customers, you know there's a problem...


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Re: 802.11N Gateway?

If you want an official response from AT&T on your issue, you don't post it here.


Write a letter to someone acting in an official AT&T decision making capacity.  Office of the President has been a favorite choice in these forums.  Plenty of posts on how to find that address.


You're not going to get your answer here.


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Re: 802.11N Gateway?

Is there a definitive list of the supported U-Verse gateways? The list:




doesn't seem to list 3800HGV and 3800HGV for example.




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Re: 802.11N Gateway?

It's been over I year since this was posted and STILL NO 802.11n!
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Re: 802.11N Gateway?

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.

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