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3801HGV and password

3801HGV and password

I need to set up port forwarding and found a very good explanation from this forum of how to go about doing that.  However, when I got to the point where I had to put in my password, it wasn't accepted.  I understand the password is on the label of the 2wire.  Is this the network key that they're referring to? I've tried that, and I get login failed.  Can anyone help here?



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Re: 3801HGV and password

No, you need to enter the System Password shown on the label not the Wireless Network Key.

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Re: 3801HGV and password

On the label there's an S/N; P/N MAC Address; SSID; wireless network key; device access code


are any of these correct?


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Re: 3801HGV and password

Try the Device Access Code.

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Re: 3801HGV and password

That did it!  Thank you so much.  I LOVE forums!!!


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Re: 3801HGV and password

Good deal!

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Re: 3801HGV and password

My new 3801HGV doesn't have a device access code on the label, only the wireless SSID and password, and a link to AT&T support.


When I set DMZ Plus for my internal router, it accepted it without the password, but when I went to disable the 2wire wireless, it asked me to either set the factory password or my own, and when I set my own, it ignored my setting. It later gave a hint that it wanted the factory password and not the one I set.

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Re: 3801HGV and password

Disregard this, I only noticed the obvious removable yellow sticker, not the dark gray on black semi-permanent label on the other side of the unit.

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