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3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?


3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

I just upgraded from old reliable dsl to uverse and the speed is great. What is not great is trying to forward the ports on my 3801hgv in order for my torrent software to function properly. I have tried everything I know and searched the net to no avail. I can't seem to find a step by step guide for the 3801. I have tried going into the gateway via then to setting then pinholes and then defined utorrent with ports 15233-15333 tcp then did the same udp enabled them both under my machines ip adress that I acquired by going to run>cmd>ipconfig and it tells me that it was successful but I have no ports open and my upload is creeping or non existent. I really use my ptp a lot and never had a problem with my dsl. This is a real deal killer for me. Anyone have a fix? I know I cant be the only one having this problem. Thanks for any help -Jason

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

I don't know.  It could be a violation of TOS.  Depends on what files you're sharing.

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

No it cant be a TOS thing as the tracker I use is very strick on the sharing of legal files only. Its for the sharing of live music by bands that allow open taping of there shows. I have been recording and sharing there since 97 and never had a problem. I have never had a problem with att bloacking and torrent sites I have ever used. It just seems like my ports do not forward in the router. Is there another gateway that I can get or should I just go back to my old dsl?

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

Its the ports.

log into your RG

Get the system PWD off the side of the RG

Go to Advanced and DMZ/Pinholes/Fowarding

If you want to create your own you can from here.

Connect Tech would be able to assist you if you're unable to perform this yourself.



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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

Chris thanks for the advice. I will pass on paying att more money to make my equipment work the way it should out of the box. I am of the opinion that since I have been a customer for 13 years there should be a small amount of loyalty built up. I had absolutely no problem forwarding the ports in my 2 wire DSL modem that I had previously before upgrading to uverse. It worked fine for 7 years. I switch to uverse and they install the 3801hgv and no matter what I do I can not get the ports to forward. Now let me state I do not have a advanced degree in computer science. I do however know my way around a router and have forwarded the ports on everything from an A link to a linksys with little or no problems. The problem here seems to be with the 3801. I have read several unresolved post pertaining to the same problem I am having. I am just hoping that I run across someone who has dealt with the same thing I am and has figured it out. To me it seems that my default gateway is not correct in the 3801. I have tired several times changing it. Nothing works. Really getting aggravated

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

dude it works fine. i use utorrent for legal purposes and forward 1 port over to your static ip of the box you have running utorrent. keep in  mind the RG is weak. only handles total 8000 ports. might be better to dmzplus a real router (128meg of ram like wrt610n) and rock out that way.


but it works i guarantee you. set up a custom port to the static IP of the server and do it for both UDP and TCP (utorrent 3.0 use both) and it will work fine.


easey peasey if you play with the page you will figure it out.

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?



I still havent figured it out. I go go into settings>firewall then apps pinholes and dmz then create a user defined application called utorrent and forward ports 15233 - 15333 tcp then save then do the same with utorrent1 and save udp and still nothing. I have tried changing from my pc to the actual ip address I get when I do ip config then save and then set utorrent in pinholes and still nothing. I dont know what else to try. If you have any ideas please let me know. I really need to get these ports open. Thanks-Jason

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

ok i just forwarded my ports for use with utorrent and it was successful so i am replying here to help you out.


1st log into router,

2nd go to dmz page select your ip and make your pinholes

3rd create user defined pinholes with the proper ports, and enter your "password" so it says its successful

4th under the list choose user defined and look thru the list till you find the one you created and highlite it

5th (very important step) click on ADD to add to your list of user defined pinhole.

6th click on save


that is the rough step by step of getting it done, if you need all the steps let me know and i will exegete all the steps involved in doing this


thanks, hope this helps you


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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

OK guys I finally got it. I am not very bright (wont let me type I d io t), I may have forgotten to divulge that at the beginning. Turns out when I uninstalled utorrent in my frustration I did not remember to give it access in zone alarm. So I figured it out with your help. Thanks guys -Jason

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

Glad it's working for you now; and everyone needs a little help from others sometimes. Smiley Wink

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

Well I'm glad that one person's issue was solved.  However I still need help (thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here). 


I had DSL.  Everything worked well.  I was able to port forward on an old linksys router and the happy green light on my bit torrent application stayed on.  I switched over to uverse and was required to switch modem/router in the process.  I too have the 3801hgv and have issues now obtaining the green light on my bit torrent app.  I am using the same computer as prior to my uverse switch.  I have tried port forwarding and nothing seems to work.  As a last attempt, I turned on the DMZ plus mode to my computer that is running btdownloadgui.exe (in other words, I turned off the fire wall on the router), saved the settings and confirmed it on the home page of the router config settings.  I turned off my mcaffee security firewall.  I also turned off my windows firewall as well.  As a test, I wanted to see if I turned off all firewalls to my PC, if I could get the green light back and thus my ability to be connectable to others.  It did not work.  If I have no firewalls up and running, I should have expected connectability from others to my PC, but I did not get it.   I have run out of ideas, but with this last test, I'm suspecting that it's not a port forwarding problem at all, but something else.  Anyone out there have a clue?  Thanks.

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

Ive done this and am stll having trouble.. not able to seed at all, even though it says my ports are forward. sorry to open a dead thread

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Re: 3801HGV and forwarding ports for Utorrent use?

bulldawg1020 > i will exegete all the steps > really? Really? My first intention was to be facetious, and Rube Goldberg in my reply by using great technical terms from MY field of expertise to relate a fundamental truth, then realized it simply wasn't worth the time. Layman terms my friend layman terms. If us noobs knew half of dmz's and proper ports and pinholes then we probably would not be seeking advise now would we?

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