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3801HGV - Changing DHCP Address Range


3801HGV - Changing DHCP Address Range



I am working remotely with an employee who has a 3801HGV at her home. She's in Kansas, I am in Georgia. 


We need to enable her laptop to make a VPN connection from KS to the office in GA.


The office in GA has a legacy IP Address range of 192.168.1.x. Unfortunately this is the same as the default rage on the 3801HGV, and so we can't make VPN route correctly.


So... we need to change the IP address range distributed by the 3801HGV at her home.


I am treading carefully here since she is a long distance away and we do not want to brick the device Robot Happy



Here is the question...



If we set 



3801HGV web interface > Settings > Lan > DHCP > Configure manually


to be 


Router address:

Subnet mask:

First DHCP address:

Last DHCP address:



can we expect the address of the 3801HGV address automatically change to and for the 3801HGV to continue working in good order?


Or does the IP address need to be changed elsewhere in addition?


The remote user has some other computer and devices on her home network, but does not have port-forwarding or any advanced features configured on the 3801HGV.


Can I expect anything else to get screwed up by this change?







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Re: 3801HGV - Changing DHCP Address Range

Yes, that is the correct place and only place that you need to have her change the IP addressing, provided that:

1. She does not use a 2nd router that is set up behind the 3801HGV router.
2. She does not have additional static IP addresses assigned to her account.

I would also recommend changing the settings as follows:

Router address:
Subnet Mask:
First DHCP Address:
Last DHCP Address:

.254 is the standard/typical address that the 2Wire routers use (they default to the last usable IP address in the subnet rather than the first as many routers do), and their default DHCP range starts at .64. I recommend ending the DHCP range at .240 so that .254, which is the router's address, is not part of the DHCP range.

One the settings are typed into the 2Wire router and the Save button is clicked, she will lose communication with the 3801HGV and lose Internet until she reboots the computer so that it picks up an address out of the new DHCP range.

If she has IPTV service on this account, she will also need to restart all TV boxes.

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