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3801 HGV or 3600 HGV


3801 HGV or 3600 HGV

During my installation of U-Verse Internet (i do not have voice or tv) I had a 3801 HGV installed as my modem/wireless router.  Two days later internet goes down and I call ATT support.  After trouble shooting support guy decides its the router and sends a 3600 HGV.  The following day my install guy calls to follow up, I alert him to the problem and he stops by to see my Direct TV guy had loosened the connection in the network cabinet.  Today the 3600 shows up, call ATT and the guy says to keep whichever one I want and send back the other.


So my question is:  Is there a reason to keep one or the other?  Is one better than the other?



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: 3801 HGV or 3600 HGV

For internet use only, either one will work fine, the 3801 supports Uverse TV and the 3600 does not. The 3600 is supplied for self install of Uverse internet / phone and I believe has to be purchased ($100). Are you currently paying any monthly rental on the 3801? There is a possibility if you choose to keep the 3600 you might be billed for it. Sometimes it's better not to rock the boat.

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Re: 3801 HGV or 3600 HGV

AT&T no longer offers the option to purchase your modem or IG (Internet Gateway) effective earlier this year. If you have an IG that you purchased it is "grandfathered" while in service, but all new accounts are billed the equipment fee. If your IG is "swapped" it will automatically move you into the rental fee charge. So make sure the IG needs swapped first.

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