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3801 HGV Issues


3801 HGV Issues

I have a 3801 HGV installed, but would like to take advantage of more advanced capabilities such as faster wireless speeds and faster switching and router speeds within my LAN.  Is there a simple, problem-free way of disabling the RG's routing and wireless capabilities, and use it only as a modem, with more advanced equipment behind the modem?    If so, what is the best 1+ GBS router to use?


When I tried to use a 1G Netgear router (FVS124G) behind the 3801, some of the T/V streams pixelated, suggesting the hookup was too slow or inefficient for U-verse TV.

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Re: 3801 HGV Issues

Please see post 2 in this thread for proper configuration of a router behind the RG (3801).


You normally want to separate your IPTV traffic from your High Speed Internet traffic, so connect all your STB/DVR devices directly to the RG (or to a switch connected directly to the RG) and your network devices/computer to your router.  In this way, your choice of router, etc., will not impact your TV viewing.


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Re: 3801 HGV Issues

Thank you for your quick rsponse.  However, it would be difficult (but not impossible) to separate the IPTV traffic from other internet traffic because of the way my house is wired.  My A/V racks are in a different room from the RG.  Within the A/V area I have two STB's (for different rooms), two Apple TV's, an Apple Extreme, and a Sony PS3, all requiring an internet connection.  Currently, I have these devices going through Netgear gigabit switches and CAT-6 cables to the RG, and IPTV traffic is shared with other internet traffic.  All services work until I put a Netgear router between the switches and the RG, then the pixelation begins.


Fortunately, when I built my house, I installed a lot of extra capacity in terms of CAT-6 cables and coaxial cables. 


Here are my options:

1. Live with the current configuation and wait for a 3801 replacement with faster wireless and switching.

2. Use co-axial cables for TV signals from the RG to the STB's.  (I have extra unused coaxial cables installed.)

3. Use some unused CAT-6 cables for TV.  These are available but will take some work to hook up.


 I don't have any experience with U-verse TV over coaxial cables, so that option is a little scary.  


What do you think?  



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Re: 3801 HGV Issues

High speed switches (GB) will work for the most part, unless you put something in there that doesn't handle the multicast traffic properly.  The usual culprit is someone wants to put a Wireless Access Point on the same RG port as a an STB or DVR and the WAP slows way down to handle the multicast and everything goes to pot.


Putting the IPTV traffic through a router doesn't work very well, either.  One option is to purchase switches that can handle VLAN with tagging and logically segregate the traffic on the physical network.  Then you can split the IPTV and HSI traffic going into the RG by putting them on separate VLANs.


Many, many people find that the coax works fine for TV distribution.  It worked well for me for the first year, until I tried to bend a cable too much to get it into a wall box.  I still have one STB fed by coax and I'm watching the All Star game on it right now.


For faster wireless speeds, you could put your router into "Access Point" configuration and put it on it's own RG port.  That won't get your faster routing/NAT handling, but would get you better wireless access.  If you can segregate your high speed traffic on a single gigabit switch infront of the RG, then your local traffic would enjoy gigabit speeds with no interference from the RG.



*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: 3801 HGV Issues

Thanks again for your thoughtful responses.
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