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2wire Modem

2wire Modem

We have the same package but my grandma's internet is somehow faster. I think its because she has a new modem while mine is pretty old.

At my house I reach 8 mbs tops but 24 mbs at her house. We both use AT&T, live in the same area, use DSL but she has a Pace 5268AC while I have a 2wire 3600HGV. Is the internet speed difference because of the modems? If so what should I get and how do I upgrade? I googled around and I read that 2wire isn't that good and that Pace is good for wireless.

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Re: 2wire Modem

There's no sense comparing the gateways speed capabilities until you know what speed tier you have.  Look at your bill or access your myAT&T and check it in your account info from there.

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Re: 2wire Modem

We both have Internet 24.

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Re: 2wire Modem


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‎08-12-2018 5:11 PM

Re: 2wire Modem

PACE bought out 2WIRE, so same company but different years of manufacture.


The 3600 was for customers who did self installs, meaning using existing telephone house wiring with taps as wiring generally goes to several jacks.

Customer self installs, had no $99 installation charge, no cat5e dedicated homerun from NID to Gateway.

Available on all single pair internet only or internet/voip from .76, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 speed tiers.

Thus part of the difference could be your own house wiring is not up to standards to handle the higher speeds. If had 3M likely no issue.


Next are you comparing hardwired connection speeds?

The 3600 has 100 ports which can easily handle 24 internet.

Wireless is a different issue, the 3600 is 2.4 Ghz only b/g wireless which is sufficient for speeds covered. Would expect 17-21 on speedtest.net to local ATT server.

The 5268 is a dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz offering b/g/n/ac wireless. If your device testing on wireless supports 5Ghz ac would see better speeds at short distances.

Also depending on your local housing many routers using the 2.4GHz network can be crowded resulting in wireless interference that could drop 50%+ of signal while the 5268 on 5GHx had more frequency channels resulting in less crowding and better performance.


Lastly the 3600 was a $100 purchased gateway with 12 month warranty. Replacing the gateway after January 2015 will result in equipment fee charge of $7 if not currently being charged. Can no longer purchase gateway to avoid fee.


Would I recommend replacing the 5 year plus gateway with newer unit, yes but be aware that your  monthly charges will increase if not already paying the gateway fee.


edit... would also recommend calling and requesting new cat5e wiring to be installed ($99 billable service call) if you are indeed using old house wiring that was for phone service.

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Re: 2wire Modem

Thanks that solved my problem.

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