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2Wire 3801HGV and Gigabit Ethernet Connection


2Wire 3801HGV and Gigabit Ethernet Connection

I currently have AT&T U-Verse TV and Internet and am wondering if I connect a Gigabit switch to one of the AT&T RG ports, will I be able to surf the web at Gigabit speeds or not?  I currenlty have AT&T High-Speed Internet Max.  My understanding is for WIRELESS this will not be possible as the residential gateway only accepts 802.11b/g (up to 54Mbps).  So for WIRED connections, will I be able to use the 802.11n for faster internet experience?


Thansk in advance!

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Re: 2Wire 3801HGV and Gigabit Ethernet Connection

No, because the max speed for Internet if you can get it in your area is 24mbps. The only thing Gigabit is good for on a network, is moving files around between computers.

Even with Wireless-G, you are not going to achieve anything faster going with Wireless-N.

I ended up lowering our speed to 12mbps, due to we do not do large file moves outside of the network, and even with my son watching Netflix on his PS-3, and us watching Netflix on our Blu-Ray, we saw no difference from 24 to 12 in any kind of bandwidth choking.
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Re: 2Wire 3801HGV and Gigabit Ethernet Connection

Thaks for all the detail as it is greatly appreciated!
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