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what are the updates in Eudora for att email


what are the updates in Eudora for att email

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

tools:  options: getting started: mail server incoming =

tools:  options: checking mail: mail server incoming =

                                   Secure Sockets when receiving = required, alternate port

tools:  options: sending mail: SMTP server =

                                              Secure Sockets when sending =  required, alternate port



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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

tools:  options: getting started: mail server incoming =

tools:  options: checking mail: mail server incoming =

                                   Secure Sockets when receiving = required, alternate port

tools:  options: sending mail: SMTP server =

                                              Secure Sockets when sending =  required, alternate port



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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

Bless you!! I had the inbound & outbound part ok but didn't know about the secure sockets part. Back in business with a zillion emails. Thanks so much!

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

Very helpful.  Very quick.  And your advice works.


After spending an hour with the AT&T instructions (including an "automatic" updating procedure that proclaimed that "no updating was needed") and a lot of reading some very fine print about Microsoft Outlook 2007 (the only case that AT&T thinks the "other software" category contains), your advice required about 2 minutes and it worked the first time. [Note:  Instead of "Secure Sockets" under Preferences, the Eudora 6.2.4 version uses "SSL".]


Signing up for this discussion group was another AT&T pain, but I have said enough.


Happy Holidays to "offnyc"

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

If you are using an "" email address or an "" email address, then the "Solution" above does not work in Eudora Paid version.


tvirtue posted a tip in another thread that using "" and "" worked for him.  It also worked for me.


Note: Earlier today an AT&T Tech Support person told me that AT&T had recently changed the settings, and we shouldn't use "" and "". Instead they want us to use "" and "".


This turned out to be bad advice. The problem is that Eudora 7 doesn't have an SSL certificate for or if you are using "" and "".  It also doesn't have an SSL certificate for "" and "", but using the Tools menu, you can add an appropriate SSL certificate for "" and "". For some reason I was not able to add an SSL certificate for "" and "".


One more thing before I get into the detailed settings. If you or someone has moved the "esoteric.epi" file from the Eudora's extrastuff folder into the Eudora root directory, move it back to extrastuff. It can cause problems, and it isn't needed.  Using the "Required, Alternate Port" setting (see below) sets the correct Port numbers (995 for POP, 465 for SMTP) for and email. If you want to know more about how the esoteric.epi file works to create a Ports option in Eudora Options, Google it.


I will now give you the settings that worked for my and email addresses, and I will give you the steps for adding an SSL certificate.


Click Tools>Personalities


Or, if you already have set up a Personality that isn't working, you can right-click the email address (the left end of the line), and left-click Properties.


If you don't have a Personality set up already, right-click in the white area, and left-click "New". If this produces a "There is no email program..." dialog box, click OK. The New Account Wizard will start.


Click "Skip directly to advanced account setup." Then click Next.


In the Generic Properties tab:


Type the Personality Name. I usually type the first name of a person and the email address. Several of us reply to customers and prospects using the same email address, so I have one email address set up several times with different people's names in each one. Each of us also checks email for that address.


Real Name: Type the name you want your recipients to see in the From field..
Email Address: Type your complete email address.
Username: Type your complete email address again.
SMTP Server:
Check Authentication allowed
Check Use relay personality, if desired
Do not check Use submission port (587)
Default Domain: [or] [whichever one you are using]
Default Stationery: Play with this later
Default Signature: Ditto
Secure Sockets when Sending: Required, Alternate Port
Leave Check Mail unchecked for now. Eudora will check for new email only when you right-click the email item and left-click Check Mail.


In the Incoming Mail tab:



Configuration: POP
Check Leave mail on server.
Uncheck Delete from server after 0 days
Uncheck Delete from server when emtied from Trash
Uncheck Skip messages over 40K in size
Authentication style: Passwords
Securesockets when Receiving: Required, Alternate Port

Click OK when done.


Test your settings by right-clicking the email address, and left-clicking "Check Mail".


If you get an SSL error, then you have to follow these instructions:


First, send yourself an email from the problem account. Sending will fail, but it will create a Eudora message that you will need in a minute.


Click Tools>Options>Sending Mail>Last SSL Info>Certificate Information Manager>View Certificate Details>Install Certificate>Next>Next>Finish>OK>OK>Add To Trusted>Done>OK>OK.


Test your settings again by right-clicking the email address, and left-clicking "Check Mail".


Please forgive any typos or omissions. I'm writing this at 5:45 AM after working on the problem all night.


Hope it works for you.

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

I am still not up and running with Eudora 7.x...  exasperated.


Did try the certificates trick (A La Mikesisk)...Oh My there are dozens of certificates, server certs, trusted certs...I have tried using the trick...nada....tried with without injecting the smtp or pop preceeding...


Its not working and it simply must.  Eudora is STILL the best email program.  Easy to manage multiple personalities without doing ridiculous back flips in OUTLOOK, and not being able to straight open or straight easy back-up email.  And every hacker in the world assumes that you are using OUTLOOK so it's the prime target for hacks and for get the *.WAB


I am still going to work on Eudora but the only other option will be Thunderbird (which is the Eudora "survivor" Outlook "half-breed" and all it got genetically from outlook is junk.)  It's still better than Outlook.


Under "other email" in ATT Support doesn't even include Eudora OR Thunderbird. (FYI, in case you never heard of Thunderbird -- it is via Mozilla open source and pairs with Firefox for decent free usable software.)


Eudora ran fine for years on win 7 with TWC...thought I'd save some money with this "bundle" deal. Now I am not very happy.


And the installer, while very nice...was not at all familiar with ports, or certs. or anything. I think i taught him a few things. But then..he is the hands on hardware guy. <SIGH!>


I want a solution, but can't do this anymore tonight..exasperated.

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

I was a committed Eudora user from version 3.x through 7.x, but I finally accepted that, even though email send and delivery are pretty basic functions, a program whose development and support ended in 2006 had lost its relevance.


I moved to Seamonkey, the Mozilla suite, and there are very few Eudora functions I can't duplicate there (personalities --> identities, for example).  I particularly don't miss Eudora's dodgy IMAP implementation, which they never got quite right. I suggest you find another email client.



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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

I was able to set up primary (dominant address in THUNDERBIRD, and additional email accounts on my laptop.


So that works... (you have to create config as default and then add additional configs and select those in in/out when setting up the email.  Right annoyed about the whole thing.


Eudora was so perfect for me...and other people I work with, but to keep it I'd have to keep TWC (now bought out) that was charging me an outrageous fee to use JUST their internet connection.


I may try seamonkey sometime when I am not stressed to get my email back-up (not a fan or webmail, but helps in a pinch). Sea,onket sounds like old Netscape that tried to be an "all-in-one" and I never dug nscape anyway with it's palette of 216 colors HAHAHAHA.


Thunderbird isn;t perfect, but HIGHLY preferable to submitting to Microsofts creepy crappy Outlook.

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ACE - Professor

Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

not that anyone asked, but SSL means Secured Sockets Layer.


On the off chance anyone is interested, this is a link to ATT's e-mail domain server names and settings.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

Thanks for this great information! I haven't been able to use Eudora for many months due to the att/sbc/yahoo changes, and now I have at least incoming mail. 


I was able to add the incoming certificate using Eudora and the " server" (rather than pop), but I cannot get the outgoing to work (on the Generic Properties tab), whether I follow the set up fo "", or the "".


I repeatedly get this error, with no option to select the certificate information manager:

"You have never sent mail using an SSL connection with this personality since the last time you started Eudora (or a negotiation is in progress with this personality)"


Is Eudora really in the process of doing something, and I need to wait?  If I close the program, then I am unable to reopen it because it tells me this or that file is locked or in use.  I have remedied that by creating a duplicate of the entire program in another folder and starting over, tweaking the changes as I go to try to avoid locking myself out again.


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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

I fixed it!  It's a variation on the original solution, but to get the outgoing mail to work I did the following:


in Generic Properties tab, change outgoing server to:

uncheck "Use relay personality, if defined"

check "Use submission port (587)"

change Secure Sockets when sending to Required, Alternate Port


attempt to send email, click the Last SSL Info, enter Certificate Information manager tool, click Import Certificate, go through the wizard, click the skull certificate, add to trusted, save, try to resend.


I don't know if anyone on the planet will find this resolution, but I will be able to find it for myself if I ever install Eudora on another machine.  Which I will.


Thanks to the many people on the internet whose solutions I sliced and diced to find the right mix for my issue!


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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

Thank you SO much - I have Eudora 7 and use an address and this helped my problems so much.

I did the SSL a bit differently. I right clicked on the personality, clicked properties > send (smtp) > Last SSL info - then openned every plus sign until I saw one that had, not a happy face, but a skull and crossbones.  I selected this one, clicked add to trusted. Then repeated with the send email (POP)

When you go to  click "Last SSL Info" you  need to click every plus sign to open all the levels. I saw happy faces and thought I was ok until I realized I needed to click the plus signs - then I got to the skull and crossbones.

Also, I had to click ok to everything and then close Eudora and restart it for the changes to take effect

Thanks again - I thought I was the only person who still loves Eudora!

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

This thread got Eudora working again for me! I had been having this problem with incoming mail since mid-June, 2015. By manually adding the certificates as trusted, as described above, I was a resolving the problem as it occurred.  But, around the third week of December, 2015 I encountered a new problem. I could no longer send!


Eudora would not let me add a certificate for outgoing mail; it would tell me I had not sent anything with SSL for the current session. If I went over to the inbound tab, it indicated a problem, but when I would drill down through the certificates I could never get to one with a skull!


Well, I concluded it was finally the end of Eudora if I could not send mail. I investigated other email clients and decided on Postbox, a derivative of Thunderbird. I installed it, found that it would send mail, so I bought the paid version. **READ ON**


OK, so a couple days later, Postbox would not send anymore!  What!?


So, I ended up on this forum and this thread discussing the alternate servers. So, I went back into Eudora and changed my SMTP server to: After doing so I found that I could now send mail again in Eudora! I made the same change in Postbox and could now send from that client as well. I just left the pop server setting at:


Another thing I found was that once I was able to send again in Eudora, I received a certificate error from a Bitdefender certificate. I was able to add that certificate for incoming mail successfully.


So, is the alternate SMTP server the final solution? I saw another thread that stated that ATT was working on some problems related to sending email, so who knows. In the end, since I went to all the trouble, and paid for Postbox, I am going to stick with that. As much as I loved Eudora, it is certainly not current technology, and the more I get used to Postbox I love the 3 column format on a wide screen monitor. Hopefully, this information helps someone else.

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Re: what are the updates in Eudora for att email

None of the suggested solutions works for me.  I quit Eudora when I switched to predominant use of a Mac rather than my PC except for archived E-mails.  It is very embittering to see such good technology abandoned by Qualcomm which evidently has no more regard for its software users than its American employees.   As a non-IT person it is even more frustrating that E-mail is obstructed by the parade of certificates and technical mysteries that have plagued Eudora users.  There needs to be far more competition and internet access than that which enables this dysfunction.

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