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"notes" tab from the old email platform


"notes" tab from the old email platform

what has happened to the "notes" tab from the old email platform? I can't find it anywhere in the new ATT/Yahoo webmail.

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Re: "notes" tab from the old email platform

I found them after an hour on the phone with tech support. The NOTES tab is deleted from the new upgraded EMail account. It is currently being saved on the web. Go to - I personally am going to transfer my important info to my own harddrive in case yahoo ever decides to delete this page without warning. Also I don't like this being on the web. I complained about not getting notice of where to find the info but of course AT&T who runs the new Email says notepad belongs to Yahoo not AT&T therefore, lets pass the blame. The Emial is called AT&T Yahoo Mail and AT&T and Yahoo are 2 different companies so the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. And any complaints send you to AT&T not Yahoo.

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Re: "notes" tab from the old email platform

My complaint is not with Yahoo but with DIRECTV and AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been trying to reach AT&T  for the past 2 days.  Each time I was left on hold for well over 30 mins..  I think it is rediculous that the matinance plan starts at $7.99 and, without my permission it is "automatically" increased to $15,00 IF I DO NOT CALL  AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This little trick is programed in your system.  The bill is already too expensive and then this company has the audacity to hide petty tricks to further buke the comsumer.   I was much more satisfied with Direct TV prior to their partnering with AT&T. 

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