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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

inbound.att.net is not responding

I have a ATT/Yahoo email address. The inbound.att.net server is not responding. I have tried pinging it with 3rd party connection sites (is it down and web site down) neither can connect to it. Is it down says that it may be down for a week. Any one know what the problem might be.




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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Re: inbound.att.net is not responding
David, thank you for replying.

Did you remove the SOLVED advisory as this problem is still occurring.
And, yes, we know that various options that might work but rarely do.

Please remove the SOLVED flag is you haven't already.

Thank you.

. . . Pete
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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Someone needs to tell David, AT&T Community Specialist that this has been going on for many months not 12 hours.

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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding



David, please tell us why you have not removed the "SOLVED" designation for this thread.


The problem is still occurring.


. . . .   Pete


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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

The problem is still occurring on my wife's POP3 email ,(windows 7,Seamonky email)I can log on to her web email but every time she tries to get her mail on her computer it says "server error try later" she only knows how to get her POP3 email. Has it been changed to Imap or something? I have a friend down the road and he just got ATT DSL windows 7 ,Windows live mail and is having the same problem.


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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

There are actually two (2) different UNSOLVED problems.


1. As I documented earlier in this thread, by using a Linux DNS tool I was able to determine that inbound.att.net resolves to multiple (at least 3) different IP addresses.  Which one you get depends on which one their DNS resolver chooses to give you.  At least one of those server is bad, or at least frequently bad, and email clients simply cannot connect to it at all if the DNS resolver happens to hand you that one.  It just isn't there.  For myself, I fixed this by getting rid of inbound.att.net in my client settings, and instead hard-coding seems to be responsive most or all of the time.


2. The second problem is that sometimes you can connect to a server, but it gives the  "server error try later" error.  This is even with, and only certain email addresses.  There is one of mine that goes out for hours at a time, while my other sub-accounts still work.


I really wonder if we should start two new threads, not marked "Solved", one for each of these issues.  For me, these issues started in October or November 2017, and have been festering non-stop since.



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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

I don't see how it can hurt anything to have another thread besides the
new one I created; however, it appears that AT&T has elected to not be
responsive with respect to these problems (which fact seems very
out-of-character for AT&T).
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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Here's how I finally solved my problem:

I was downloading my mail, about 350 messages.  Had 70 messages left ... and Thunderbird just stopped.  Everytime I'd hit download, I'd get these messages:

<UserName@swbell.net> Host contacted, sending login information
<UserName@swbell.net> Checking inbox for new messages
downloading 1 of xxx
No messages to download

and it would quit.


Every few hours I'd try again, message count would go up, but no messages were forthcoming.

I could get to the mail by web, but Firefox and their new format clashes and I get "an error has occurred" about the 3rd screen of messages.


Someone suggested the error was on the Thunderbird side, and I'd need to create a new account.  Tried that.  It would down load the first message, then choke and die.  Just like before.  Laboring under the assumption that the status of the email was somehow messed up, I went to the web. searched for the email (since I couldn't scroll), and deleted the offending email from the web.


All messages came pouring it, and were dutifully removed from the server.

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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Thanks for the message.

How did you recognize which email was the problem?

. . . . Pete
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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Email seems to always be downloaded oldest to newest.  I looked for the one that would have come after the last one I received.
I think I mentioned, I had to set up a new profile under Thudnerbird, and try to download my mail.  It would pull one email then stop.  I'd try again, and it would pull the same email and stop.  After it pulled the same email 5 times, I said, "Ok, let's see what happens when we get rid of this email."
I deleted it by finding it with the search function (since Yahoo was crapping out on scroll).
Told the original profile to pull email, and bada-bing!  They started flowing in like water.
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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Well done...congratulations.
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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

I seldom get the 'inbound.att.net is not responding' msg now. Thunderbird connects but now I get the message 'connection to inbound.att.net was reset' almost immediately. I then have to exit TB and restart it and get the same msg. Sometimes after restarting several times the password handshake works and I get my email. Other times I give up and come back later.

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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

Interesting, I've not seen that. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for the advisory.

. . . Pete
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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding





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Re: inbound.att.net is not responding

For whatever reason, AT&T has declined from solving this wide-spread
problem. Despite the great inconvenience to users, somewhat offsetting
this is that the problem is only intermittent.
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