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email problem


email problem

Keep getting SAML 2.0 Authentication Failed error when logging in to my email account (att.net)

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‎01-11-2019 1:29 PM

Re: email problem

Hi, @esamanie.

There is currently a known issue with AT&T emails and SAML errors. We're working on a fix, but until then you may be able to get access to your emails by using a mail client like Outlook or Apple Mail using iMAP settings, or by logging into your email through login.yahoo.com.

John, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: email problem


Only have the problem on Microsoft edge--ie and crome work.

77txl@att.net not useable on Microsoft edge!


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Re: email problem

considering att has know about this saml auth problem dating back to december 2018 and it is now may 2019, exactly HOW long is it going to take. AND STOP TRYING TO CRAM DOWN OUR THROATS going through yahoo to get a secure Oauth. yahoo screwed up the sbcglobal account I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW THAT SAME MISTAKE TWICE. ATT NEEDS TO FIX ITS SECURE LOG IN you need to fix what you have instead extending all these new services while crapping on your life time die hard ITT ATT Ma Bell believers.

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Re: email problem

THANK YOU!  I'm tired of the problems. 

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Re: email problem

Ditto, what's the problem with a company the size of AT&T that it can't solve this problem? It only started a few weeks ago for me so whatever you're "fixing" is making the problem more widespread.


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Re: email problem

Another problem found: I checked att digital certs and it appears that there are two problems within the certs themselves:

KEY USAGE Digital Signature, Certificate Signing, Offline CRL Signing, Signing (86)



Subject Type=CA

Path Length Constraint=0

both of these items have yellow triangles

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Re: email problem

If I don't get an answer soon. I'll cancel UVERSE and everything else I have with ATT. This is utterly insane. Nobody has an answer that works.

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