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copying multiple email addresses


copying multiple email addresses

How do I copy multiple email addresses?  I have 30 email addresses I want to copy from one email to put into another one...the old system let me highlight and then hit control + C, but with the new system, it just shuts down the email addresses. 


Then I tried to manually highlight all of the addresses and then hit control + C, but when I pasted it, only 19 addresses came across, not all 30.  Very frustrating...



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Re: copying multiple email addresses

Hello rockinlisa,


Are you trying to reply to all or forward those emails? it might be better to use reply or forward options.




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Re: copying multiple email addresses

No, I am not trying to reply to all or forward.  I want to copy all 30 email addresses and then paste them into a new email.  In the past, I could just highlight all of them and hit COPY.  Now it will not copy, it just collapses the email addresses.  I even tried to forward the email and then copy the email addresses, and it won't work that way either. 


Is there any way to get back the copy feature so I can copy more than one email address at a time?  Please tell me there is a way. 


Thanks, Lisa

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Re: copying multiple email addresses


With the message open, select Reply All.

When the new message opens, press Ctrl-A to select all the old text.

Press Delete

Click in the Subject line, repreat Ctrl-A and Delete.


Compose your new message.

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Re: copying multiple email addresses

I get the Reply All part and then delete the text, but I cannot delete the subject line.  How do you do that?  It will not let you highlight the Subject line, let alone delete.  Plus, it still has the previous email in it.  I need to be able to copy email addresses to drop into a brand new email--with no email strings...

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