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Re: cannot send or retrieve emails


cannot send or retrieve emails

I did an update on my Iphone 6s and since then, it is hit and miss if I can obtain or send emails..  The error I keep getting is "the mail server "imap.mail.att.net" is not responding.  Verify that you have entered the correct account info in mail settings".  When I get the pop up to enter my password I do and it keeps saying incorrect but that is the correct password.  I get my emails automatically on my phone, I don't have to put in a password.  I have not changed my password.  It will send and receive emails sporadically without me doing a thing so I don't understand the problem.  What can I do to expedite getting this fixed so I can send and retrieve emails on my Iphone? 

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‎10-29-2018 12:27 PM

Re: cannot send or retrieve emails

Hi There! @mmonk7889


We understand that you are unable to send and receive emails on your mobile device. We can help you with this. You mentioned that you have not reset your password. Are you able to replicate the issue online? If not, then can you see if you can replicate the issue by going to AT&T Email Homepage


Then click on the "Sign-In" in the upper right hand corner. 

When the page changes, then it will ask you to user your email address and current password to sign-in. If the sign-in is successful then you can go to your email inbox.


If the sign-in is not successful, then what we suggest is to have your password reset.  You can reset your password by clicking on this link: AT&T Password Reset


After resetting the password, then try the sign-in process again.


If this time the sign-in is successful, then you can try taking your new password to your mobile device and change the password in your mail app.


If that still doesn't work, then you will need to go  through and delete the email account from the app. Then turn the phone off and wait for 30 seconds and then turn the phone back on.  Then you can re-add the email account again to the app. Using the settings that you have. 


If that doesn't work, please return back here and we can take a look into this deeper.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: cannot send or retrieve emails

OK-- I have been on the phone with ATT since 5:30 and it is 11:00 central standard time trying to get an answer to the above questions, however, I cannot get it load my emails nor can I send or receive them on my iphone.  I can access them on the computer not on the iphone.   Any ideas?   I tried yours but it did not work.  

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Re: cannot send or retrieve emails

The email issue was there with me as well as I am not being able to log in to the email and sending and replying the email was also not being done. I was getting outlook 0x8004010f as the outlook was not supporting.

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