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att.net Login Issue

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att.net Login Issue

Hello all,


We are aware of an email issue that is preventing our members from logging in. We do not have a time-frame this will be resolved but our teams are actively working to address this.


Logging in using login.yahoo.com is a workaround.



AT&T Customer Care

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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email

Here is the reply in November from Barry at ATTCares:


Hey Mary, 

I was able to locate the account that this is located under and authenticate it. I don't show that the email is locked but we can reset the password if you would like?

BarryR - U-verse Social Media Manager
6am - 3pm CST Tuesday - Saturday


Can't you duplicate what he did?

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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email

Is anyone reading my messages? Especially The last one....can someone tell me how I can contact Barry ...see previous email for details...he fixed the problem last time!


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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email

For the fourth or fifth time in the past month, I am unable to login to my Yahoo/ATT email account... The prompt is telling me I am using the incorrect password (or username). But I KNOW this is wrong - I am using the correct password and username. What is going on..? And why does this keep re-occurring..? And please don't tell me to "clean my cache" or "use another web browzer" because I have tried all that and a few other things. This is DEFINITELY related to a Yahoo and/or ATT conflict because after 3-4 days I can login using the same old password and username... Is there anyone else out there with similar problems..?

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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email

anyone figuring out what to do with inability to login to att.net?

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Re: att.net Login Issue

I have been seeing the same problem across four of my units (desktop, laptop, Iphone, Ipad). As you noted this has happened for or five times in the last 6 months but it corrects itself usually in 24 hours, this time it has been 3 days and still not working.  I can still login via Yahoo but not using Outlook on my PCs or through IOS mail settings on my Iphone and Ipad. Cannot find out who to call to get results.

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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email

No. That isn't a "work around". Gets the same result. Nice try though... SMH

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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email


Have been having similar issues. I was a satisfied AT&T customer but when they sold my area to Frontier it was a disaster. Lately I have started to use a different login "gateway" or server but now that isn't even working. 

I would trash the whole thing but have had the same email for 20 years!!!

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Re: email login issues with bellsouth.net email

Yes, my wife and I have had exactly the same problem. First the rejection using the CORRECT username and password, then a week or so later no problem logging in without changing anything. Then a few months later the same thing happens again. I have followed every instruction I have received from ATT but the same thing keeps happening. Unfortunately I have been saving important communications in folders on the bellsouth.net account I have had for more than 20 years and can only access them when I can get into the account. This is definitely an internal problem of Yahoo/ATT, one that they have not even tried to fix since Att was purchased by Yahoo in 2009. Come on folks, help us out.

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