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Yahoo password change


Yahoo password change

I've had a @flash.net email through Yahoo for about 10 years. Last night I got some MailerDaemon emails for emails I had not sent. I got it at about 11:45 at night, so I tried to reset the password and it only changed the one for my AT&T account, not my Yahoo email. I couldn't stay up any longer, so I woke up this morning and tried to log in to my email, and none of my passwords I've ever used work. I think someone got into my email and changed the password and nothing is letting me change it. All links to change the password forward me to att.net instead. I tried clearing my history and that hasn't had any effect.

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‎10-10-2018 7:03 AM

Re: Yahoo password change

Hi @mrweller

Your email domain is owned and managed by https://soc.att.com/2xYKhca now. So in order to reset your email address password, you will need to click on this link: Password Reset after that then you can go back to https://soc.att.com/2xYKhca and try logging in again.  Let us know if that works for you.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Yahoo password change

No it does not work.  My email is a flash.net domain.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Yahoo password change

I've had a @flash.net email through Yahoo for about 10 years. Last night I got some MailerDaemon emails for emails I had not sent.

I assume they were bounce back messages.  Did they say something like the email address on some email "you" sent (i.e.. shows you as the sender) doesn't exist?  FYI you don't have to be hacked for someone to send an email that looks like you sent it.  If someone knows your email address they can make it look like you sent it (it's called spoofing).


I tried to reset the password and it only changed the one for my AT&T account, not my Yahoo email.

So that was successful?  And just what do you consider a "att account" as opposed to a "yahoo account?  What do you think flash.net is?  It is an att legacy account (e.g. sbcglobal.net, pacbell.net, bellsouth.net, etc., i.e., any att domain other than att.net) that was once merged with yahoo so you could then use either yahoo or att to log into it.  Att is/was unmerging these accounts from yahoo so that you should be logging into att (as ATTCares mentioned, start.att.net) to access you ermail.


There have been problems with the legacy account unmerge and I think att and yahoo are in the process of fixing them.  Maybe you are caught up in that.  My standard default recommendation for this when you cannot change your password(s) is call the Digital Assistance Center (877-273-2728).


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Re: Yahoo password change

Thanks for the phone number.  I will try that at a more reasonable hour.  When I go through the reset password for the myATT page the process does not go through to any email addresses.  I don't remember the progression of owners of the flash.net domain but I've had a flash.net email address since the '90's, maybe before that.  I've had the same password through all those changes.  It's only now that it is not recognized and has to be changed - for a reason unknown to me.

Thank you so much for your reply.  Hopefully I will get it done using the number you gave me.


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Re: Yahoo password change

Problem solved.  I kept persevering through the reset password thing and finally made it all the way through without the need to call the number.  My stumbling block had been the security questions.  The first one seemed to need a 2 word answer but I couldn't remember ever doing that so I finally answered with one word and got through it.  That was the trick and I now can go to att.net and get to my email.  I can also go to my.yahoo.com which is a combo ATT/Yahoo page and get to the same emails. Now that I have a password I was able to put that in my iPhone for the flash mail setup there and can get and receive email there.  It feels good to come to a resolution for this after 3 or 4 weeks of no email on the phone and using some yahoo code to get into email on the PC.

Thank you for your help and for listening to my  rants.


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Re: Yahoo password change

Suddenly, my prodigy.net password does not work; I have it saved so I do not have to enter it when checking my mail from Firefox.  The reset password option does not work.  Tells me to call an 800 number (for AT&T), but can't get a person.  They say their offices are closed.  It is Sunday, but I thought AT&T always had support available.  I assume someone hacked my account & changed my password.  Any suggestions?



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