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Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new


Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

You may have been notified that your E-mail account is about to get unmerged. You may have had a merged account where your AT&T E-mail and Yahoo E-mail were merged into a single account, which allowed the password and inboxes to be shared.


If you are not sure if you have a merged account, it is likely you have one if:

  • You can sign in to your merged E-mail account using either you AT&T or your Yahoo E-mail address.
  • You can sign in to myA&T with either your AT&T or Yahoo E-mail addresses.
  • You use the same password for both AT&T and Yahoo E-mail accounts.
  • Your mailbox receives messages from both your AT&T and Yahoo E-mail address.
  • When you reset the password, it changes the password on both Yahoo and AT&T accounts.
  • When trying to reset your Yahoo password, it redirects you to myAT&T.

What is Happening?
Beginning mid-November 2017, you will no longer be able to sign in to myAT&T or att.net with your Yahoo ID. 
Beginning early December 2017, all merged email accounts will be separated into two separate email accounts.


What does this mean to you?

Beginning in mid-November 2017, you will need to start using your AT&T email address to sign in to myAT&T instead of your Yahoo email address.

  • To access your AT&T account in myAT&T, you’ll need to sign in using your AT&T email address. (Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what it is if you try to sign in with your Yahoo email address.)
  • To access your AT&T email account through att.net, you’ll need to use your AT&T email address. (Again, we’ll tell you what it is if you try to sign in with your Yahoo email address.) 
    For a short time, you’ll still be able to sign in to your combined email account with your Yahoo email address on yahoo.com.

In early December 2017, you’ll need to start signing in to your AT&T and Yahoo email accounts separately since you will now have two unique accounts.

  • The passwords will not change until you decide to change them.
  • Your AT&T E-mail account will be empty. This includes E-mails, contacts, calendar, information associated with Yahoo sites (Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Groups, Tumblr, finance portfolios). All of this information will be on your Yahoo E-mail account.
  • Your Yahoo E-mail password can be managed through the Yahoo Member Center.

What about my Sub-accounts?

  • All Yahoo accounts will become stand alone accounts.
  • Just like the parent accounts, any subaccounts that were linked to a yahoo account, the AT&T E-mail account will be empty and all the E-mails, contacts, and other things will be stay with the Yahoo account.
  • The AT&T subaccounts will still be subaccounts under the primary AT&T E-mail account.

What about my E-mails, Contacts, and Folders

  • Your E-mails, Contacts, and Folders for your merged accounts will be available when you login with your YahooID.
  • For your Yahoo E-mail, Contacts, and Folder issues, please reach out to Yahoo.
    • If you are getting an AT&T error message or not seeing your E-mails, Contacts, or Folders, such as a terminated account, try clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser. Make sure you are logging in with your @yahoo.com account at mail.yahoo.com.
    • You can reset your password at this reset yahoo.
    • If you are missing E-mails, you can recover your E-mail at this site.

Not able to Sign In

  • Yahoo E-mail - Please contact Yahoo, as we no longer have access to Yahoo accounts.
  • AT&T - Getting incorrect password? Go to our help article to get back into your account.
    • Suspended / Inactive / Error 550.5.2.1 - Accounts were disabled from inactivity during the unmerge. To fix this, try to sign in and after 48 hours, your E-mail account will become active again.
    • Getting redirected to Yahoo site - Clear your cache and cookies or try using a different browser. Make sure you are logging into the right site. Go to att.net and click on the mail icon at the top-right.

David, AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

Need help with an account specific question?  Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.
For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.
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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

All the emails I have saved / archived in folders for a business over the last 5 years are gone. as well as my contacts...  Where is the contact for support? How can I get my emails back? The lawyer needs some of them. Why is there several accounts now att.net and sbcglobal.net…. just tell me how to get my old emails back …Please help these are important emails.

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

I followed the steps to unmerge my yahoo email account from AT&T.  As of Friday 4/4/18, a window with a server error pops up after clicking unmerge. I am now unable to log in to my yahoo account.  No one from ATT has been able to help me thus far.  Can someone please help?

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

Yahoo and AT&T separated their email services late last year. More details on this situation and how to fix it can be found in this forum thread. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Finally my issue get resolve via yahoo email password

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

I'm assuming you mean how to access email with something other than your browser.  With a browser there's no setting up since it's just another webpage you navigate.  Examples are att and/or yahoo's webmail and gmail.


The general answer is you decide which email client app you want to use and configure it using an email service's server provider's (ESPs) settings which they would documented on their web site.  Many ESPs also have webmail interfaces as well.


Google search email client applications to see what possibilities exists for your platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever).  Two of the more popular email clients that work on many platforms are Thunderbird and Outlook.  FWIW I prefer Thunderbird.  But you may need to try or research a few to see which one appeals to you in the way they present the information, e.g., the mailboxes and contents of those mailboxes.  Some have the stuff presented horizontally, or vertically, or in separate windows.  Some allow you to choose.  It's a matter of taste.


The email servers that a ESP supplies are what the client app "talks" to in order to send and receive email.  Those must be always documented by the ESP to allow their customers to configure their clients in the first place.  For att/yahoo att documents the servers here


Most ESPs, including att/yahoo define three server settings.  One for sending, i.e., the SMTP server and two for receiving, i.e., the POP and IMAP server.  When you define an email account (the email address, e.g., foo@att.net) to a client you decide whether to set it up as a POP account or an IMAP account.  After thet you configure the client to use the corresponding servers to access the email.


The difference between POP and IMAP is that with IMAP everything is kept on the server to allow multiple devices (e.g., a phone and a computer) to access the email in such a way that whatever you do on one device is synchronized with the other devices as well.  Delete an email on one and it's deleted on all the others that are using IMAP access.  Read an email on one and it's considered as read on all the others.  With POP each email client access is independent and in general nothing is kept on the server unless the client elects to not delete it from there (something you choose to configure).  FWIW the webmail interface supported by an ESP always mirrors what's kept on the server.


I won't go into how to do the actual configuration of the clients since obviously that depends on the client you choose.  But they all must have the server info specified one way or another.  Then there's other options which you can look up depending on which client you choose.  You can always find documentation on how to configure the client you choose.


I hope this helps get you started.  FWIW I always recommend email clients to access email over browser webmail interfaces.

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

I have been trying to get someone to assist me for 3 days now regarding my yahoo email account.  AT&T deactivated my account without my consent and I desperately need to get it reactivated. Does anyone have a contact number or person who can resolve this madness.



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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

I have a yahoo account and sbcglobal email account linked together and I can no longer access my sbcglobal email through my yahoo account.  The sbcglobal global email is no longer linked to my yahoo account.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

I've been trying to get AT&T and Yahoo to help me for over a year to let me change my Yahoo password. Every time I go to the Yahoo page to change my password, it directs me to log into my AT&T account (which no longer exists). I've emailed Yahoo who says AT&T has to fix it, then I go to AT&T and they say Yahoo has to fix it. Any answers this time AT&T??

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

**Update** - Still no response from AT&T. I need my MyATT email restored so I can at least unmerge my Yahoo email from my old AT&T account. Is there anything AT&T can do to help?

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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

Why in Feb of 2019 can I still get into my ATT/Yahoo email from  mail.yahoo.com if there was a split in 2017?  I can also get in from start.att.net, and seems to be the same email.


Years ago when ATT partnered with Yahoo for email I thought it a flakey deal. What if  Yahoo were to fold? Nah, too big.. Never happen.






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Re: Yahoo Merged E-mail Accounts Getting Unmerged new

I had good luck last week (wk of Feb 4-8, 2019) using the link below at YAHOO!!!  The ATT restore from a link on their page was partial and lasted a few hrs then the email disappeared again. 2 wks ago my entire INBOX went empty save for 3 emails in the last few minutes before I noticed it.


Try this link. Was very responsive,  but does take a few hours before they appear. They claim up to 8 hrs, but was around 4-5 hrs.


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